Product Announcements | JULY 2022

Superior Performance With Lower Total Costs From New HPX API 610 Pump Bearing Housing

Flowserve redesigned the bearing housing of the HPX centerline-mounted process pump to provide even better performance and value. The new inner slinger optimizes bearing lubrication; a finned upper bearing housing surface improves heat dispersion.

The ample oil sump extends maintenance intervals and improves cooling capability while simplified oil collectors ensure adequate oil flow. A top-side oil passage has been optimized to further improve heat dispersion.

It’s API 610 (OH2) and API 682 compliant, and the new housing is interchangeable with existing pumps to enable upgrading and reduce total lifecycle costs.

The HPX pump is ideal for applications ranging from oil and gas, biofuels, chemicals, and petrochemicals to boiler circulation, reverse osmosis (RO) desalination, solar and water.

HPX redesigned bearing housing image

Improved performance, reliability and service life

Superior bearing lubrication and heat dispersion enables the HPX pump to better withstand higher process and bearing temperatures.

Reduced equipment costs

The redesigned HPX pump can eliminate water cooling and associated costs in many applications due to superior heat dispersion.

Simplified installation

Our skid design minimizes cooling, piping and instrumentation to simplify installation and reduce capital expenditures.

Lower maintenance costs

The HPX pump extends mean time between repair (MTBR), provides ample sump volume, eliminates water cooling, and minimizes maintenance owing to the simplified skid design.

Shorter lead times

Our streamlined manufacturing process ensures faster delivery.

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