Combined Cycle

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Flowserve offers a unique combination of solutions to help you build new combined-cycle plants or convert simple-cycle ones.

We are especially adept at providing the solutions necessary to make power generation more efficient - whether it’s equipment for new combined-cycle plants or for upgrades.

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Combined Cycle

Our portfolio is comprehensive

We have a range of products used for boiler feed, condensate extraction and circulating water that we can build to your specifications. Additionally, we have an extensive portfolio of severe service gate, globe and check valves and control valves for difficult feedwater and steam services.

Flexible equipment that goes the distance

We understand the stresses placed on equipment and have engineered products and services to tackle this challenge.

Short lead times with an industry leader

We know that combined-cycle plants need to be built quickly. That’s why we work so hard to ensure you’re up and running according to schedule. We’re a one-stop-shop whose cost-competitive solutions are available for delivery around the globe.


Go inside the 3D Virtual Combined Cycle Power Plant for consolidated information on all the products we recommend. Explore Flowserve VirtualPlant.

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Combined Cycle Power Plant Application Solutions Guide

A valuable reference for anyone associated with a combined cycle power plant. This guide is written by our experts in power generation and details the Flowserve products best suited for providing flow control solutions to each plant application.

Advanced Data Processing Capabilities Make Actuators Smart image

Advanced Data Processing Capabilities Make Actuators Smart

Combined-cycle power plants depend on reliable control valves for difficult feedwater and steam services. Valve failure is not an option. Smart actuators improve valve reliability, simplify maintenance, and proactively identify upset conditions before experiencing downtime.

Use Cases

Your IGCC plant handles some tough materials. Flowserve has experience across the toughest industries which enables us to build equipment that lasts even under the worst conditions.

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