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Need to store critical flow control equipment before installation?

Customers often need to store flow control equipment for weeks, months or even years from purchase until installation, commissioning and operation. Flowserve offers professional industrial equipment storage services in climate-controlled storage facilities in North America.

Protecting equipment for like-new performance

When correctly installed, flow control equipment — pumps, seals and seal panels plus components and accessories — is engineered to reliably operate with long lifecycles in some of the harshest conditions, both indoors and outdoors. But until installation, these products must be prepared, stored and protected from adverse environmental conditions. Equipment storage services from Flowserve include:

  • Trained technicians with experience in inventory management and the handling of critical equipment
  • Clean, dry, climate-controlled storage warehouses
    • Temperature range: 4°C to 37°C (40°F to 100°F)
    • Less than 65% relative humidity (RH)
    • Air filtration to minimize dust, steam, chemicals, oils, radiation and ozone

Proven procedures for proper equipment storage

When you select Flowserve to provide industrial storage services, your flow control equipment is shipped from the manufacturing site to an industrial storage location arranged in consultation with you. Upon equipment arrival, our technicians assess its condition, record any issues and provide an estimated cost to protect and maintain the equipment throughout its time in storage. Our employees follow time-tested storage procedures for each piece of equipment and any components:

  • If packaging has been opened or damaged during transit, our technicians inspect the equipment and assess its condition.
  • Flowserve technicians inspect pumps, seals and accessories to ensure that all shipping caps and plugs are in place.
  • All openings are gasketed, and threaded connections are plugged to prevent atmospheric contamination, debris or moisture from entering the equipment.
  • As required, desiccants are used to absorb moisture, bearing housings are filled with a circulating lubricant, and a corrosion preventive is sprayed on all bare surfaces.
  • Throughout its time in storage, each unit and/or its shaft is rotated to a specified orientation at intervals based on recommendations from Flowserve product engineers or guidelines from OEMs for their equipment.

Maximize control equipment performance with Flowserve

Increase the availability, reliability and life of your critical flow control systems — regardless of type or OEM — through Flowserve’s professional industrial business storage solutions plus on-site installation, maintenance and repair services.

Implement a service level agreement to drive reliability, safety, environmental and inventory efficiencies across your organization.

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