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This agreement is an integrated pump and seal maintenance and repair program. A Long-Term service agreement can help reduce the complexity of maintaining your equipment, optimize performance, minimize downtime, decrease energy consumption, and reduce costs.

Our Long-Term Agreement includes:

  • On-site and off-site support to overhaul, repair and upgrade complete units
  • Spare parts for Flowserve pumps and seals, if required
  • On-site support to assess and recommend improvements to equipment, inventory, operations and preventative maintenance
  • Comprehensive reporting on rotating equipment for reliability, inventory optimization, failure trends and equipment recommendations
  • Detailed failure analysis of chronically problematic equipment
  • Regular meetings to review progress and address pending issues
  • Education and training opportunities at Flowserve facilities, customized training at your operation or online courses provided

Let us show you how our Long-Term Agreement can help you maintain your equipment and add predictability to your maintenance costs.

Other Agreements

Parts Agreement

Our Parts Agreement includes:

  • High-quality parts that improve performance, lower costs, and increase safety
  • Standard parts and components supplied the same or following day
  • Special parts delivered in days, not weeks
  • Rapid prototyping capabilities to re-engineer and produce non-Flowserve parts and components for obsolete or hard-to-source equipment

Gain fast access to quality-engineered parts and components for a reliable operation and lower equipment ownership costs.

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LifeCycle Advantage Agreement

Our LifeCycle Advantage Agreement includes:

  • Maximization and optimization of equipment performance
  • Energy audits to identify environmental and cost savings opportunities within your pumping system
  • Inventory optimization to improve asset utilization, streamline maintenance and reduce downtime
  • Simplified procurement to accelerate the purchasing cycle and eliminate clerical errors and their related costs
  • On-site training and mentoring programs to strengthen maintenance skill sets, improve plant and personnel safety, and increase pump reliability

Schedule an audit today and start focusing on the equipment you need to improve.

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Asset Monitoring Agreement

Our Asset Monitoring Agreement includes:

  • Asset monitoring and data collection
  • Managed data and analysis
  • Advanced and predictive analytics
  • Equipment performance reports and recommendations 
  • OEM-recommended predictive maintenance protocols

Schedule a comprehensive on-site demo to see how asset monitoring gives you a complete view of your equipment’s health.

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Custom Service Agreement

With a Custom Service Agreement, you can:

  • Create a program around your needs and budget
  • Support only those assets you want to cover
  • Incorporate parts, on-site or off-site support, repair/upgrades and training programs
  • Mix and match support, terms and conditions from our existing service level agreements

Start customizing your agreement or contact us to learn more.

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