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EAP_LogoAddressing the urgency around energy transition and accelerating actions that decarbonize current operations are the needs of the hour when it comes to meeting increasingly ambitious net-zero goals.


The Flowserve Energy Advantage Program is a holistic flow control approach aimed at helping you reach your carbon reduction goals and lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO). It provides you with Flowserve’s engineering expertise, a systematic data-driven evaluation process, and a complete offering of proven products and services that can drive increased energy efficiency through the optimization of pump and valve power consumption. Flowserve’s offerings through the Energy Advantage Program can also reduce your carbon emissions, improve plant productivity and reliability, and provide operational savings.


Learn how Flowserve’s Energy Advantage Program can accelerate your energy transition plans quickly and cost-effectively.

Efficiency Advantage Program

Efficiency Advantage Program

The transition to a low- or zero-carbon profile starts with an increase in energy efficiency of current operations.

Challenge: Lifecycle costs (LCCs) of a typical industrial pump over a 20-year period are primarily made up of maintenance and energy costs, with the latter being the highest of the total cost of owning a pump. Centrifugal pumps can consume up to 50% of a plant’s electrical energy.


Advantage: Optimizing pump wire-to-wire efficiency can be an important consideration toward the achievement of energy transition goals. The Flowserve Efficiency Advantage Program offers you a suite of solutions which can enable significant efficiency gains from the optimization of pump and valve energy consumption and effective recapture of wasted energy.


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Flow loop optimization

Analyze high-energy pump flow loops to identify and prioritize an execution program and determine a contracting model while adjusting and monitoring resultant savings.

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Power recovery turbines

Leverage power recovery turbines to convert excess energy into power for auxiliary devices.

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Carbon Advantage Program

Carbon Advantage Program

Lowering hydrocarbon flaring and fugitive emissions represent potentially impactful greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction opportunities for the energy industry.

Challenge: Energy companies are searching for cost-effective solutions to meet decarbonization goals while balancing the margin impacts on their operations.


Advantage: The Flowserve Carbon Advantage Program offers a range of cost-effective tailored solutions focused on reducing hydrocarbon and GHG emissions.


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Equipment seal and packing upgrades

Rotating equipment and valve seal and packing leaks can cause hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere, or process contamination. Correctly applying the latest technologies in seals and sealing systems helps eliminate emissions, reduce water consumption, save energy, and increase equipment reliability.

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Flare gas recovery

Flowserve’s comprehensive portfolio of compressors and complete systems facilitate reliable flare gas recovery to reduce GHG footprint.

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Cost Advantage Program

Cost Advantage Program

An operation with improved resource efficiency translates into reduced costs — thus delivering a more economically viable and environmentally sustainable footprint. Your operational efficiency stems from high equipment reliability and increased production certainty that enable more effective use of plant resources and reduced maintenance costs.

Challenge: The ongoing shift toward low-carbon and net-zero policies requires you to adapt and optimize existing infrastructure and position yourself as a viable operation for years to come. Adapting to meet these requirements can put your business model and margins under pressure, with continued needs for improvement in operating costs and equipment efficiency and reliability.


Advantage: The Flowserve Cost Advantage Program provides multiple service offerings along with comprehensive digital solutions focused on increasing equipment reliability, reducing maintenance spend, and optimizing operational expenses.


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Lifecycle support

Flowserve partners with you to provide performance-based reliability improvement programs, comprehensive assessments and best practice recommendations in a variety of areas, including inventory management, predictive maintenance and lifecycle cost optimization.

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IoT: RedRaven

Proven global internet of things (IoT) solutions digitize, analyze and visualize the real-time performance and reliability of data across pumps, seals and valves.

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Why the Flowserve Energy Advantage Program?

Flowserve’s unrivaled combination of technical expertise and practical experience can lead you through the transition.


Flowserve is collaborating with leading companies across multiple industry sectors to address the challenges and opportunities in energy transition. Our innovative Advantage programs are built on solutions and services that can help you achieve transition objectives. These capabilities and programs have the potential to accelerate your energy transition plans in achieving net-zero goals.


Flowserve offers solutions for these and other common operational challenges:

  • Increasing pressure to decarbonize and become more environmentally friendly
  • Adjust your business model and maintain margins under pressures with the continued need for improvement among costs, efficiency and reliability
  • As CapEx/asset ownership continues to come under scrutiny, return on invested capital (ROIC) is becoming increasingly important

Flowserve has expertise in:

  • Energy consumption optimization
  • Analytics solutions that reduce operating costs, downtime and risks
  • Products and services that support green energy
  • Solutions for carbon footprint reduction

Do you need an experienced partner with the know-how and expertise in addressing challenges associated with improving efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and lowering operational costs? Let Flowserve accelerate your energy transitions plans.

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