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Flowserve Educational Services understands each member of your operation, maintenance, and/or reliability crew is essential. Whether your needs include training new hires, enhancing your current workforce’s skills, or helping your crew understand new motion control technologies or products, we’ve got you covered. With a wide range of training options available, you determine how you want training delivered via one of our regional training centers, locally or at your facility, online, or through a blended learning approach.



Learn practical skills from a global network of technical experts with over 225 years of combined experience who also specialize in sharing their insider’s knowledge with others.


Have questions about how to order courses, make payments, log in, or register? Ask us. We’re eager to explain our processes and provide technical guidance.


Individuals can complete Flowserve proficiency exams in three fields: maintenance, operations and reliability, and earn continuous educational units or professional development hours.


Learning Methods

Classroom with students

Instructor-Led Training

Experience Flowserve training hands-on at one of our regional Flowserve training centers. Interact with our instructors and equipment from various manufacturers in our lab space.

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Virtual Classroom

Online classroom instruction is delivered in real time at your facility, without the expense of traveling. Led by a Flowserve instructor, these live classroom sessions are delivered in real time to your team.

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On-demand learning is available 24/7 at your facility or in your home office. Our eCourses provide a wide range of self-paced, on-demand online learning options. Each module is approximately one-hour long. Modules that are bundled as a curriculum include a short test to assess your understanding.

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Blended Learning

Blended Learning

This learning model blends various training methods using smart, web-based technologies to make training convenient and easy. The Blended Learning on-demand training structure includes a combination of live broadcasted instruction (or, in some cases, in-person instruction), self-paced labs and interactive learning.

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On-site, Local Training

Looking for a local training option for your team? We bring our expert instructors to a location that’s convenient for you. Designed to fit your organization’s specific needs, training is brought to your site or to a convenient close-by location.

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Live Webinars

Live Broadcast Webinars

Watch live webcasts from your facility, office, home, or on the road. Webinars are regularly presented free of charge in various regions around the globe. Each webinar focuses on a technical topic discussion led by a Flowserve field expert.

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