Flood Control System

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For flood control solutions, choose the company that puts you in control: Flowserve.

With flood control, failure is not an option. Countless lives and livelihoods depend on it. Whether it’s the daily security of a major city or the ongoing reclamation of a nation’s low country, Flowserve equipment and application expertise puts you in control.

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Flood Control System

You can count on Flowserve for your toughest challenges

Our experts thrive when facing your biggest challenges. Engineers work with you to design custom configurations built for your needs and are there to see the project through. From the Trinity River in Dallas, Texas to the below-sea-level country of The Netherlands, Flowserve pumps are built to tackle the biggest flood-control projects.

Products engineered to hold and hold on

Reliability is an absolutely essential pump characteristic in drainage applications as is sufficient capacity. Flowserve offers both. We are without equal in providing pumps for on/off cycling and continuous operation for the evacuation of water due to seepage, runoff and natural forces.


And if the right pump doesn’t exist, we’ll design and build it. Case in point: the Flowserve Concrete Volute Pump. This innovative solution developed in The Netherlands is an excellent choice for pumping large volumes of water in order to prevent or control flooding.

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Advanced Data Processing Capabilities Make Actuators Smart image

Advanced Data Processing Capabilities Make Actuators Smart

When it comes to flood control, equipment failure is not an option. Lives and livelihoods depend on reliable valves. Smart actuators improve valve reliability, simplify maintenance, and proactively identify upset conditions before experiencing downtime.

Benefits of Design to Value image

Benefits of Design to Value

Reliable, large capacity pumps are essential for flood control projects, where countless lives and livelihoods are at risk. See how the newly redesigned Flowserve vertical turbine pump delivers performance, reliability and design flexibility.

Flood Control Services

Flood control project

The Netherlands launched a massive renovation project to reinforce a causeway and increase its drain capacity. Once completed, the Afsluitdijk’s new pumping station became the largest in Europe.

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Fish-safe technology

Flowserve has developed and tested patented fish- and eel-safe pump designs to maximize pass and survival rates, while maintaining the optimum pump performance and efficiencies.

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