Liquefied Natural Gas

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Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is an enabling, at-scale fuel that can provide a resilient pathway to energy transition. It’s expected to play a pivotal role as companies shift from coal and oil to cleaner energy sources.

Nations as well as businesses are pursuing strategies for decarbonization to limit greenhouse gases (GHGs). In response, natural gas is emerging as a fossil fuel of choice.

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Liquefied Natural Gas

Key energy transition fuel source

Natural gas is emerging as the fossil fuel of choice, largely due to it emitting up to 50% less carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions than coal. That’s the value of natural gas as a primary feedstock for energy production and conversion to hydrogen (H2).


Natural gas also is expected to remain the key backup fuel during intermittent outages that naturally occur with increasingly popular renewable power sources, such as wind and solar. It’s no wonder then that LNG is one of the fastest-growing commodities; global demand is expected to rise as much as 50% by 2030.

Superior solutions throughout the LNG value chain

Flowserve is your ideal partner with the right products, in addition to engineering prowess, services and expertise, to help companies across industries identify opportunities to enhance process efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout the LNG value chain.

What’s more, Flowserve offers the following unique advantages that can enable your company to achieve its energy transition objectives, including:

Make energy transition a reality with complete system expertise

Look to Flowserve to enable you to meet the operational, environmental and economic challenges of the shift to cleaner energy sources.


We are an experienced collaboration partner with a broad product offering for applications throughout the LNG value chain. We can help you make the right investments that can enable your company to shrink its carbon footprint.

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Leverage our extensive LNG process expertise

Profitable performance requires critical process equipment and systems to operate safely and reliably as well as at maximum efficiency. Helping you meet these expectations drives everything we do, including:


Cryogenic temperatures, ultra-high pressures, erosion and corrosion are at the core of the many leading brands which comprise our broad valve portfolio that’s ideal for LNG applications.

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From smart positioners to remotely controlled, fully automated, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric actuators, LNG companies depend on the full range of intelligent automation from Flowserve to help their processes run smarter, safer and more efficiently.

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Whether for critical compressor applications or auxiliary pump services, Flowserve mechanical sealing solutions keep rotating equipment running safely and efficiently while also eliminating or minimizing fugitive emissions.

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Pumping systems from Flowserve meet customer demands throughout LNG processes. Our pre-engineered, engineered and special purpose pumps give LNG operators access to proven hydraulic and mechanical know-how.

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