Product Announcements | MARCH 2020

Flowserve Complete Reverse Osmosis (RO) Desalination Solutions

Comprehensive product portfolio supports RO plant needs

Flowserve has been a leader in desalination since the process was commercialized on a large scale. The lessons we have learned during our long history in the desalination industry have led to more reliable, durable, efficient and longer-lasting products.

Flowserve RO solutions utilize the latest technology and are designed using computational fluid dynamics to provide the best system performance. Flowserve’s long market experience and know-how with castings for high alloy materials specifically selected for corrosion resistance further supports our product reliability.

Our desalination solution portfolio includes:

Reverse Osmosis Desalination Solution equipment


The CSX multistage, segmental ring, diffuser-style, high pressure membrane feed pump is designed for high-efficiency operation and long-term reliability, meeting the industry’s need for low lifecycle cost equipment.



The DMX-RO axially split multistage, high-pressure, membrane feed pump delivers the best hydraulic fit, operating efficiency and stability, all of which help to extend mean time between repair.



The DVSH-RO single-stage, high-pressure membrane feed pump is engineered to deliver high-efficiency operation and long-term reliability in seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) processes.



The DS-RO single-stage, end-suction, foot-mounted pump is engineered specifically for auxiliary RO applications, such as pretreatment, boosting and product water supply.



The HHPX is an end-suction, single-stage, radially split pump designed for high-suction pressure SWRO desalination applications, such as energy recovery device (ERD) boosters.



The Dual Work Exchanger Energy Recovery (DWEER™) is an isobaric energy recovery device capable of recovering up to 98% of the energy in brine waste streams.


One-stop shop for desalination

Unlike other manufacturers, Flowserve can provide you with complete, fully integrated desalination solutions. You’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits that keep your total cost of ownership low, including:

  • Unparalleled design and operation expertise that maximizes your efficiency
  • A robust worldwide service network, with local support of parts, repairs and service through nearly 200 global Quick Response Centers
  • Equipment and system optimization
  • Performance and availability guaranteed by condition monitoring and fixed-fee maintenance contracts
  • Customized aftermarket solutions, including service, maintenance and upgrades

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