Product Announcements | OCTOBER 2021

Valtek® Multi-Z Anti-Cavitation Control Valve

Flowserve engineered the Valtek Multi-Z control valve to eliminate cavitation in high-pressure drop conditions. That makes it ideal for severe service processes with entrained solids, cavitation or erosion in these industries and applications:

  • All plants
    • High-pressure liquid letdown
    • Pump recirculation
  • Oil refining
    • Amine letdown
    • Cold separator
    • Feed charge pump
    • Gas treater letdown
    • Glycol dehydrator letdown
    • Hydrotreating sampling
  • Power generation
    • Boiler feed pump recirculation
    • Charge pump recirculation
    • Feedwater start-up regulator
    • Seal pressure control
    • Water injection pump recirculation
Valtek® Multi-Z Anti-Cavitation Control Valve

Tailored to meet uniquely demanding performance requirements

The updated Multi-Z valve is available in globe and angle configurations and multiple material options, enabling it to be tailored to meet specific application requirements. It features a multistage trim design and is available with several staging options. The axial flow design of the Multi-Z valve utilizes large passage sizes, allowing it to pass much larger particulate than typical drill hole or stacked disc technologies.

Ideal anti-cavitation replacement that avoids costly safety recertification

The updated Multi-Z valve with standard trim has verified valve flow capacities (Cv) through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and testing that exactly match commonly accepted industry capacities. This enables operators to replace existing valves and avoid an expensive and time-consuming re-evaluation of the safety relief systems in a management of change (MOC) review. 

Solids and cavitation completely under control

Flowserve designed the Valtek Multi-Z valve to accommodate solids in liquid media, minimize high sound levels, tolerate high temperatures, eliminate cavitation formation, and resist corrosion.

Global availability

The Multi-Z valve is available globally with production sites in Germany, India, UEA and the United States.

Prompt local support

Operators receive prompt engineering, sales and aftermarket support for the Multi-Z valve anywhere in the world.