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Flowserve-Worthington-API Process Pumps - ERPN

API Process Pumps - ERPN

BRAND: Worthington

The ERPN is the pump of choice for severe chemical, petrochemical, refining and heavy-duty industrial service where deviations to API 610 are accepted. This pump provides users with the important mechanical, hydraulic, emissions control and safety components required by the latest ISO 13709/API 610 standards.


  • General Industry
  • Chemicals
  • Water
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power

industry sectors

  • Pulp & Paper
  • Other Industries
  • Basic (Organic & Inorganic)
  • Specialty (Fine & Consumer)
  • Biofuels
  • Water
  • Upstream Exploration & Production
  • Downstream Processing
  • Conventional Steam
  • Combined Cycle
  • Flowserve
  • Hydraulic Institute
  • ISO 13709 / API 610 (with deviation)
  • ISO 21049 / API 682 seal chamber and seal flush plans
Operating Parameters
  • Flows to 1100 m3/h (4800 gpm)
  • Heads to 230 m (750 ft)
  • Pressures to 60 bar (870 psi)
  • Temperatures -50°C (-58°F) to 350°C (660°F)
Design Range

Size Range: 59 sizes, discharge diameter 25 mm (1 ") to 250 mm (10"), impeller diameter from 125 mm (5") to 604 mm (23.8")

Features & Benefits
  • Single stage, radially split, overhung, centerline mounted pump, designed in accordance to ISO13709 / API 610 latest edition OH2 requirements, only deviating from this standard by using a rear pump bearing housing support
  • Available in a wide range of materials like S5, S6, C6, A8, D1, D2 and LTS material, special alloys, titanium, NACE MR0175 and MR0103 compliant materials
  • Back pull-out design for ease of maintenance, less wear parts
  • Closed, semi-open or open impeller are available as well inducers for low NPSHa applications
  • The self venting casing has a top discharge, double or single volute depending on size and can be equipped with a steam heating jacked
  • Anti vortex plates grant optimized suction behavior

Closed impeller

Semi open impeller

Free flow impeller


High suction pressure


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