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You need to maximize performance, minimize risk, and reduce expenses in your operation. Flowserve provides levels of service agreements which are designed to resolve problems quickly, optimize equipment and systems, and predict problems before they happen.

You can select an agreement with a description that best fits you on the service agreements page. First, let’s define the differences among resolve, optimize and predict. Select from the list above or start with resolve.


When equipment and systems don’t perform as expected, you need to respond and resolve issues immediately. Our global network of service centers can ship a wide array of quality replacement parts in as little as 24 - 48 hours so your maintenance teams can get equipment up and running quickly. And our global technicians can troubleshoot and repair your critical assets at your site (or ours), helping to prevent small problems from becoming massive outages.

Resolve now


To get the most out of your operation, it’s critical that equipment, systems and processes are as efficient as possible. Our experienced engineers can reduce downtime and improve safety at your site via targeted equipment evaluations, field performance tests and complex system assessments. We can enhance your team’s skills by bringing advanced training capabilities and certified trainers to your site or hosting your teams at one of our world-class training facilities. We can also streamline inventory and equipment management through innovative applications.

Optimize now


Accurately predicting equipment behavior lets you detect failures before they happen, increase asset availability and uptime, and reduce maintenance costs. We help you understand how your equipment is performing 24/7. Then we take equipment monitoring a step further, by combining wireless asset monitoring and predictive analytics algorithms that interpret data to tell you when and why your equipment will fail — and let you know what you can do to prevent it.

Predict now