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Flowserve-Edward-Flexible Split Wedge Gate Valves - Equiwedge Main Feedwater Isolation Valve

Flexible Split Wedge Gate Valves - Equiwedge Main Feedwater Isolation Valve

BRAND: Edward

Compliant with ASME Section III and RCC-M design codes, Edward Equiwedge flexible split wedge gate valve is the industry standard for fast-acting, reliable isolation of main steam or main feedwater lines.


  • Power

industry sectors

  • Nuclear
  • ASME B16.34
  • ASME Section III
Design Range

Size Range:

  • NPS 4 to 42
  • DN 100 to 1051

Pressure Class Range:

  • 601 to 1500
  • PN 110 to 260

Seating Material: Metal

Features & Benefits
  • Installed base-proven design with over 600 Equiwedge gate valves, MSIVs, and MFIVs installed in operating nuclear power generation plants
  • Minimized closing time that is 100% verifiable prior to plant startup or during outages to ensure safe shutdown of reactor to prevent meltdown
  • Gas/hydraulic actuator design provides ability to close valve within 3 to 5 seconds of receipt of signal
  • Maximized actuator readiness designed with self-contained stored energy and critical component redundancies
  • Extended service life enabled by simplified modular design with no external hose or piping connections and a 12-year maintenance cycle
  • Environmental and functional qualifications per IEEE and ASME QME-1 requirements

Edward® Equiwedge™ Gate Valve — Exceptional performance for critical applications


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