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Accessories - Bearing Gard

The Bearing Gard employs static and dynamic sealing technologies to prevent ingress of contaminants into the bearing housing and ensure oil retention, even when the equipment is shut down.

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Brand: Flowserve

Accessories - Bearing Gard for Steam Turbines

The Bearing Gard for steam turbines is specifically design for these unique applications creating a strong barrier to prevent steam ingress and additional oil retention features.

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Brand: Flowserve

Accessories - Bearing Gard with Electrical Grounding

The Bearing Gard with Electrical Grounding is specifically designed for VFD driven motors to prevent failure from electrical fluting and contamination ingress.

To get a quote for the Bearing Gard with Electrical Grounding and talk to one of our representatives, please submit your information here.

Brand: Flowserve

Accessories - BGM

Rare earth magnets keep the seal faces closed. Seals off the bearing housing completely from the effects of high humidity, temperature transients, heat and dust environments

Brand: Flowserve

Accessories - Cyclone Separator

Offered in several sizes to fit the application, Flowserve cyclone separators are designed to efficiently remove sand, pipe scale and other abrasive particles from Plan 31 seal flush Piping Plans. Separation is accomplished by centrifugal force generated by differential pressure across the cyclone.

Brand: Flowserve

Accessories - DuraClear Lubricants

DuraClear oils are formulated for the complex lubrication requirements demanded by mechanical seals. The performance benefits over general duty lubricants have been recognized in lab testing and proven in the field.

Brand: Flowserve

Accessories - Magnetic Separator

The Flowserve magnetic separator is designed for use inline with seal coolers used in Plan 23 Piping Plans. Magnetic separators created a magnetic field that separates and holds iron oxide particles from the process liquid to prevent them from causing abrasion, hang-up, or clogging.

Brand: Flowserve

Accessories - Seal Gard

The Seal Gard is designed to improve the mean time between planned maintenance (MTBPM) of your rotary equipment by improving the environment in the seal area. Tough, unitized construction - engineered flow control valve, flow tube, metering float, pressure gauge, check valve, and pipe connections are combined with an optional alarm into a compact package to provide total control of the sealing environment.

Brand: Flowserve

Accessories - SLD

The SLD seal support system from Flowserve dispenses lubrication to the atmospheric side of mechanical seals. It is ideal for seals subjected to periods of dry running or cavitation when product liquid (pumpage) does not provide adequate film between seal faces. The SLD is proven to greatly extend flushless seal life in harsh slurry conditions.

Brand: Flowserve

Accessories - XLC Series Self-aligning Split Bearing

XLC self-aligning, split journal bearings are designed specifically for air cooled heat exchanger (ACHE) fans. Installed in the hot ambient temperature environment just below the fan blade hub, XLC bearings improve safety and reliability while reducing maintenance costs. The XLC bearing’s composite surface has self-lubricating properties, enabling grease-free operation throughout its life.

Brand: Flowserve

Air Piston Pumps - Scienco AP-30

The high capacity Scienco AP-30 air piston pump is ideal for agricultural and industrial services, including herbicides, diesel fuel, gasoline and lubricating oils. It offers users a high degree of reliability, versatility and long life. The AP-30 air piston pump is ruggedly and smartly constructed. With no motor to burn out and with minimal moving parts, AP-30 is extremely reliable and requires little maintenance. Its aluminum, stainless steel and non-metallic construction resists corrosion from most agricultural and industrial chemicals.

Brand: Scienco

Analog Positioners - Apex 4000

A compact, reliable, lightweight and cost-efficient positioner, the Apex 4000 is suitable for all rotary or linear valves, single- and double-acting.

Brand: Flowserve

Analog Positioners - Apex 7000

The Apex 7000 Series provides accurate valve positioning with advanced features. Usable with 3–15 psi pneumatic control signals, or optional current-to-pressure transducer for 4-20 mA signal input.

Brand: Flowserve

Analog Positioners - NT 3000

The Valtek NT 3000 Series Electro-Pneumatic Transducer is an active I/P Transducer that is used with a milliamp electricl control signal. It is interchangeable with the XL Series or Beta Series Pneumatic Positioners and can be mounted on either Valtek Linear or Valtek Rotary Actuators without modification.

Brand: Valtek

Analog Positioners - PMV P5/EP5

The PMV P5 and EP5 positioners are fast and accurate. They available in pneumatic (P5) or electropneumatic (EP5) configurations. Choose from explosion-proof (EP5-EX), fail freeze (EP5-FS) and intrinsically safe (EP5-IS) options.

Brand: PMV

Analog Positioners - PMV PT700

The PT700 pressure transducer is for 4-20 mA input signals with a high output up to 4 bar. It is capable of monitoring valve actions via pressure sensors and ideal for spring-return actuators.

Brand: PMV

Analog Positioners - Valtek Beta

The Valtek Beta Positioner is a robust analog positioner platform used for control of single or double acting actuators.

Brand: Valtek

Analog Positioners - Valtek XL-XL90

The Valtek XL / XL90 Positioners make a robust high-performance analog positioner platform for control of single- or double-acting actuators.

Brand: Valtek

API Process Pumps - ERPN

The ERPN is the pump of choice for severe chemical, petrochemical, refining and heavy-duty industrial service where deviations to API 610 are accepted. This pump provides users with the important mechanical, hydraulic, emissions control and safety components required by the latest ISO 13709/API 610 standards.

API Process Pumps - HHPX

The Flowserve HHPX pump is an end-suction, single-stage, radially split pump designed for high suction pressure seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination applications, such as energy recovery device (ERD) boosters. It is specially designed to deliver increased efficiency and easy maintenance, helping desalination plants lower energy and maintenance costs. 

Brand: Flowserve