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L120 BIC Wiring Diagram

*Title of each Drawing downloads the file.

Drawing Number Description Unit Size
17-499-0005-3 3ph Potentiometer  
17-499-0001-3 3ph Potentiometer SW323  
17-499-0021-3 3ph Potentiometer SW320  
17-499-0006-3 3ph Signal Converter  
17-499-0002-3 3ph Signal Converter SW323  
17-499-0056-3 3ph Signal Converter SW320  
17-499-0008-3 3ph Signal Converter DPTS  
17-499-0004-3 3ph Signal Converter DPTS SW323  
17-499-0059-3 3ph Signal Converter DPTS SW320  
17-499-0007-3 3ph Potentiometer DPTS  
17-499-0003-3 3ph Potentiometer DPTS SW323  
17-499-0058-3 3ph Potentiometer DPTS SW320  
17-500-0001-3 3ph MOD-20 SW323  
17-500-0002-3 3ph MOD-20 Signal Converter SW323  
17-500-0004-3 3ph MOD-20 Signal Converter DPTS SW323  
17-500-0003-3 3ph MOD-20 DPTS SW323  
17-499-0025-3 1ph Lo Potentiometer  
17-499-0078-3 1ph Lo Potentiometer SW323  
17-499-0123-3 1ph Lo Potentiometer SW320  
17-499-0146-3 1ph Lo Signal Converter  
17-499-0147-3 1ph Lo Signal Converter SW323  
17-499-0148-3 1ph Lo Signal Converter SW320  
17-499-0149-3 1ph Lo Signal Converter DPTS  
17-499-0150-3 1ph Lo Signal Converter DPTS SW323  
17-499-0151-3 1ph Lo Signal Converter DPTS SW320  
17-499-0152-3 1ph Lo Potentiometer DPTS  
17-499-0153-3 1ph Lo Potentiometer DPTS SW323  
17-499-0154-3 1ph Lo Potentiometer DPTS SW320  
17-500-0015-3 1ph Lo MOD-20 SW323  
17-500-0016-3 1ph Lo MOD-20 Signal Converter SW323  
17-500-0017-3 1ph Lo MOD-20 Signal Converter DPTS SW323  
17-500-0018-3 1ph Lo MOD-20 DPTS SW323  
17-499-0076-3 1ph Hi Potentiometer  
17-499-0077-3 1ph Hi Potentiometer SW323  
17-499-0155-3 1ph Hi Potentiometer SW320  
17-499-0156-3 1ph Hi Signal Converter  
17-499-0157-3 1ph Hi Signal Converter SW323  
17-499-0158-3 1ph Hi Signal Converter SW320  
17-499-0159-3 1ph Hi Signal Converter DPTS  
17-499-0160-3 1ph Hi Signal Converter DPTS SW323  
17-499-0161-3 1ph Hi Signal Converter DPTS SW320  
17-499-0162-3 1ph Hi Potentiometer DPTS  
17-499-0163-3 1ph Hi Potentiometer DPTS SW323  
17-499-0164-3 1ph Hi Potentiometer DPTS SW320  
17-500-0019-3 1ph Hi MOD-20 SW323  
17-500-0020-3 1ph Hi MOD-20 Signal Converter SW323  
17-500-0021-3 1ph Hi MOD-20 Signal Converter DPTS SW323  
17-500-0022-3 1ph Hi MOD-20 DPTS SW323  
17-499-0500-3 3ph POT CS  
17-499-0501-3 3ph SIG.CONV CS  
17-499-0502-3 3ph SIG.CONV DPTS CS  
17-499-0503-3 3ph POT DPTS CS  
17-499-0504-3 3ph POT CS  
17-499-0505-3 3ph SIG.CONV CS  
17-499-0506-3 3ph SIG.CONV DPTS CS  
17-499-0507-3 3ph POT DPTS CS  
17-499-0508-3 3ph POT CS  
17-499-0509-3 3ph SIG.CONV CS  
17-499-0510-3 3ph SIG.CONV DPTS CS  
17-499-0511-3 3ph POT DPTS CS  
17-500-0100-3 3ph MOD-20 CS  
17-500-0101-3 3ph MOD-20 SIG.CONV CS  
17-500-0102-3 3ph MOD-20 SIG.CONV DPTS CS  
17-500-0103-3 3ph MOD-20 DPTS CS  
17-500-0105-3 3ph MOD-20 SIG.CONV CS  
17-500-0108-3 1 ph MOD-20 DPTS CS  
17-500-0118-3 3ph MOD-20 SIG.CONV CS  
17-500-0119-3 1 ph MOD-20,VFD SIG.CONV CS  
17-500-0121-3 1 ph MOD-20,VFD CS