2021 Flowserve Safety Week

2021 Flowserve Safety Week focusing on health, safety and the environment

Flowserve associates around the world are kicking off Safety Week – an annual time when we commit to safety, highlight critical safety areas, and focus on reaching our goal of zero accidents.

This year's activities are scheduled between April 19 and April 23.

Day 1: Mental Health and Overall Wellness
Day 2: Home Safety and Preparedness
Day 3: Flowserve Safety Culture
Day 4: Sustainability and Earth Day
Day 5: Health, Safety and Environment Commitment


Flowserve prioritizes the mental health and wellness of its people

Mental health can impact our life with our families, our job performance and even our overall physical health. Key factors to Flowserve’s approach to COVID-19 safety and management has included mental health and wellness. Now, we are proud to offer expanded resources for improving our associates’ mental health and overall well-being through Optum, a leading wellness provider.

We’re committed to safety habits at home and on site

Most unintentional injury-related deaths occur off the job, often when least expected, according to the U.S. National Safety Council. “With the best ideas, the right tools and everyone showing up to redefine what’s possible, no safety challenge will be too big for us to overcome, from the workplace to anyplace, said “Lorraine Martin, President and CEO at NSC. That’s why during Safety Week, Flowserve is building safety habits that extend beyond the workplace so our associates can stay safe no matter where they are.

Our culture empowers associates to embrace safety ownership

As a part of Safety Week, we are focusing on discussions and activities that can help us strengthen our safety culture, improve site performance and reach our goal of zero accidents. Continuously assessing the safety maturity of each of our sites will help us discover new ways to enhance overall safety. We encourage safety ownership of our work areas and work practices to ensure quality products are produced in the safest way possible. Learn more about Flowserve’s safety culture.

Safety Week acknowledges our ongoing focus on sustainability

Among our activities, Flowserve is also commemorating Earth Day 2021. Consistent with our sustainable development policy statement, our general environmental management goals are to increase energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, conserve water and eliminate waste in our operations, while providing superior products and services that advance environmental improvement. Sustainability is also a key energy transition pathway as discussed by President and CEO Scott Rowe at the Credit Suisse 26th Annual Energy Summit. Accordingly, last year, Flowserve set an ambitious target to reduce carbon emission intensity by 40% by the year 2030. Read our corporate sustainability strategy to learn more about what we’re doing to protect the planet.

Flowserve celebrates its commitments to health, safety and environment

Many Flowserve facilities have undergone the rigorous process for safety/environmental management and product certifications. Our TargetZero program strives for zero accidents, defects, delays, emissions and waste by driving continuous improvement, operational excellence and innovation. Our commitment to health, safety and environment is strengthened during Safety Week as associates across the globe participate in activities that are a critical part of improving local safety programs and reaching our zero accidents and zero emissions goals.