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Flowserve VirtualPlant

Flowserve offers one of the most extensive pump, valve and seal product portfolios in the industry. But It can be challenging for you as a customer to narrow your focus to the products and services that are most relevant to your processes and operations. In response, we have developed a unique tool that features 3D models of various plant types to help you ‘see’ our capabilities in key industrial applications.

VirtualPlant offers a new and innovative way for current and prospective Flowserve customers to browse product information for select applications within the oil and gas, chemicals, power, water and general industries. The information within VirtualPlant is based on actual use cases from customers who have used these products successfully in the referenced applications. So you can be confident that all product recommendations are based on proven customer scenarios and real-world conditions.

virtual plant demo

Learn about relevant Flowserve expertise and product lines

Using Flowserve’s VirtualPlant, you choose the industrial application and see an aerial view of a VirtualPlant. You can zoom in to the unit level and then to the product level to see the pumps, valves, seals and support systems related to that area of the plant. To learn about product features and benefits, you can navigate through a variety of product data, including sales, technical and user information.

Simplify request for proposals

A common customer challenge is the time spent reviewing OEM information when creating a request for proposal (RFP). VirtualPlant simplifies the process and reduces the time required for the discovery phase — you can quickly confirm that Flowserve has expertise in the specific industry application and can then identify the products to focus on in your RFP.

Find important product and safety information

If you are already operating Flowserve pumps, valves, seals or support systems, you can use the VirtualPlant to access an ever-growing library of information — including technical bulletins, safety data, instruction manuals, training materials and other supporting content — all in one convenient location.

Support employee onboarding and training

VirtualPlant can also enhance the training of your new employees. By exploring the 3D models and related information, they can learn more about the pumps, valves and seals they will encounter in their plant’s various application areas.virtual plant

Explore Flowserve’s 3D VirtualPlant

oil refinery plant

Oil Refinery

Flowserve has the industry expertise, engineering, and design to help you select, install, and configure the right product for the application. 

 Learn More
desalination plant

Desalination Plant

Our high-efficiency flow control systems help create fresh water for millions of people.

 Learn More
Concentrated Solar Power-Tower plant

Concentrated Solar Power-Tower

With temperatures reaching as high as 600 degrees Celsius, you need proven, specialized CSP equipment that can take the heat and keep on running.

 Learn More
Concentrated Solar Tower-Parabolic Mirror plant

Concentrated Solar Tower-Parabolic Mirror

Flowserve is a world leader in CSP technology, providing a full-system package of pumps, valves and seals that stand up to the most punishing conditions.

 Learn More
combined cycle power plant

Combined Cycle Power Plant

We offer unique solutions to help you build new combined-cycle or convert existing simple-cycle plants to combined cycle.

 Learn More
conventional steam power plant

Conventional Steam Power Plant

Flowsererve has been an industry leader in Conventional Steam around the globe. We offer EPCs a complete portfolio of flow management solutions for the entire plant.

 Learn More
CTO-MTO plant

Coal to Olefins/Methanol to Olefins (CTO-MTO) Plant

Flowserve provides products for CTO-MTO processes to help you create volumes of output and reduce downtime.

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Chemical Pharmaceutical Plant

Chemical Pharmaceutical

Flowserve offers our chemical pharmaceutical customers an extensive range of sanitary products and corrosion-resistant materials — both metallic and nonmetallic.

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Biological Pharmaceutical Plant

Biological Pharmaceutical

Flowserve engineers have the materials application expertise to provide the safest, most cost-effective sanitary solutions for the very difficult services found in biological pharmaceutical processing.

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brewery plant


In the brewery, time is of the essence. Flowserve solutions enable you to get the job done quickly and stay up and running.

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palm oil mill and refinery plant

Palm Oil Mill and Refinery

Our solutions reduce maintenance and product losses with lower power requirements and minimized downtime.

 Learn More

We continue to build our VirtualPlant offering, so we encourage you to return periodically to see what has been added.

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