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Reciprocating Pumps
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The YHT is a horizontal triplex positive displacement reciprocating pump with very high efficiency and is offered in a wide range of hydraulic, mechanical, and material options.

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  • Monoblock liquid ends for both oil & gas and general industrial services
  • Self-aligning plungers ensure proper concentricity within stuffing boxes
  • Many valve styles to suit all liquid types from clean liquids to hard slurries
  • Stuffing boxes individually fastened to liquid cylinder for ease of maintenance
  • Independent crosshead extension rods for easy access to crankcase oil seals for fast and easy maintenance
  • Totally enclosed power frame is dust and oil tight eliminating atmospheric contamination
  • Cylindrical crossheads and guides maximize the load bearing area and reduce wear, keeping replacement costs to a minimum
  • Various bearing lubrication systems from splash to full pressure


  • Flows to 109 m³/h (480 gpm)
  • Pressures to 457 bar (6625 psi)
  • Temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to 390°C (734°F)

Size Range: From 125 mm (4.921") to 165 mm (6.496") stroke, with 35 mm (1.375") to 121 mm (5.75") diameter plungers, with power ratings of 112 kW to 267 kW.

Standard Design
Monoblock liquid end with clean liquid valves and full pressure bearing lubrication

High Suction Pressure Design
Special crosshead pin bearings and lubrication system to cope with non-unloading of that bearing

High Liquid Temperature Design
Individual cylinders and special manifold fastening arrangement to cope with thermal expansion effects on plunger centre distance

Slurry Design
Special liquid end arrangement for constant velocity flow, stuffing box flushing, and slurry valves to cope with solids in the liquid

Vertical 3 Piston

Vertical 5 Piston

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