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OEM and Special Duty Seals
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Pac-Seal elastomeric bellows component seals are designed to meet a wide variation of applications.

Flowserve believes seal excellence starts with superior design and materials. That's why Pac-Seal mechanical seals are made with using the latest engineering technology to analyze and design solutions for our customer’s most challenging applications. Our experience with diverse materials including elastomers, plastics, exotic alloys and seal face materials makes Pac-Seal mechanical seals an industry leader focused on total cost of ownership.

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  • Crimped-head rotary unit unitizes the rotary unit for trouble-free installation and removes metal contact from the seal ring for long-swarm stability.
  • Unique hex-torque drive provides a distributed drive loading around the seals outer shell resulting in an improved drive system and longer life.

Up to 27 bar (400 psi), 25 m/s 82 fps), -40 to 205°c (-40 to 400°F)

Advanced stationary pusher

Advanced rotating bellows

Type 16
Light duty rotating bellows

Type 68
Light duty stationary compression unit

Type 21
Medium duty rotating bellows

Type 31
Medium duty rotating bellows, hard faces

Type 51
Narrow cross-section rotating bellows

Type 52
Short length narrow cross-section rotating bellows

Type 8
Heavy duty, multi-spring rotating compression unit

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