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Network Controls
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HART® (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) is a digital communication protocol that is based upon the Bell 202 telephone communication standard. By using FSK (frequency shift keying) to superimpose low level digital signals on top of an analog 4-20 mA signal, two simultaneous communications channels exist. The 4-20 mA signal communicates the primary measured value, and the digital signal communicates additional device information to the plant control system.

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  • Digital signal on conventional 4-20m ADC analog signal
  • 1200 bps binary phase - continuous frequency-shift-keying
  • Master - Slave communication
  • Distances up to 1800 meters/network (up to 15 devices)
  • EDDL (IEC 61804-2, EDDL) with methods for all supported Common Practice & Device Specfic Commands

Complies with HART Protocol Specification document HCF_SPEC-13 for rev. 7.3

Network Protocol
HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) was developed by Emerson for the purpose of communicating a digital signal over analog (4-20 mA) input. It is perhaps the most widely used type of digital protocol.

Network Service
Can be fitted to either MX or QX

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