Small Business Program Policy Statement

Flowserve’s mission it so become the world’s most respected company in flow management through our industry expertise, innovative solutions and community commitment. At Flowserve, we understand the value small businesses can bring and how utilization of such businesses can benefit everyone. Partnering with small businesses supports our local communities while at the same time enhancing our product and service commitments to our customers.

Small Business Program Principles

  • Developing and retaining a diversified supply base. Flowserve’s focus on diversity and inclusion spans all business segments and regions. Finding and utilizing such businesses as small, small disadvantaged, women-owned, veteran-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned, HUBZone small businesses, etc. helps to diversify Flowserve’s suppliers and provide more opportunities for small business concerns to succeed.
  • Federal contracts policy and guideline. For U.S. government entity procurement projects, Flowserve has developed a policy and guideline for the promotion of small business concerns. This policy and guideline helps Flowserve associates to formulate solicitations favourable to small businesses and ensures compliance with federal regulations.
  • Engagements of small businesses outside of government projects and focus on providing the maximum practicable opportunity to compete. Many Flowserve manufacturing sites engage small business concerns for all projects, not just federal. Flowserve believes that giving small business concerns the opportunity to compete is key to finding the best supplier for any particular project.
  • Supporting the utilization of small business concerns for community support and local economies. With approximately 16,000 employees in more than 50 countries, Flowserve combines its global reach with a local presence. The partnerships between Flowserve and small businesses help to support the community and local economy while at the same time creating a reliable and varied supplier base.

Developing a Small Business Culture

Flowserve awards subcontracts to small businesses daily for both federal and non-federal projects and will focus on increasing its awareness of small businesses by stressing the need for small businesses to certify and report their status as a small business concern. This will aid with the identification, tracking and development of these businesses in the future. In addition, Flowserve will continue to seek small business concerns through the traditional avenues of small business trade fairs and conferences as well.

Creating a culture where small business products and services help make Flowserve an innovative and diverse company is an achievable goal and will give Flowserve the ability to provide the best value and quality to its customers.