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OEM and Special Duty Seals
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The advanced GTS seal is designed to handle real world steam applications providing the benefits of a mechanical seal in sealing steam turbines.

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  • Laser-applied Precision Face Topography Waves create a non-contacting, non-clogging gas film between the seal faces resulting in outstanding seal life
  • Fully bidirectional design enables the same design to be used on both ends of double ended steam turbines
  • Unique Spring Energized Graphite (SEG) secondary seals provide both high temperature capability and zero leak-by while also minimizing seal face distortions
  • Heat treated Alloy 718 bellows handles high steam temperatures and maintains a light contact load on the seal faces which assures low steam leakage and zero seal face wear
  • Internal and external mount configurations enable fitment in most steam turbines with little or no equipment modifications

Exhaust Pressure: 0 to 20 bar (300 psi)

Exhaust Temperature: up to 343°C (650°F)

Speed: up to 7,000 rpm

Sizes: 54 to 181 mm (2.125 to 7.125 inches)

Internal mount
Directly replaces carbon ring seals without requiring equipment modifications
Can be supplied as a cartridge seal
Greatly reduces steam leakage and improves turbine efficiency

External mount
Mounts outside the seal chamber when space allows
Supplied in the traditional cartridge seal configuration
Great for new steam turbines and retrofits with some equipment modification

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