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SIHI Boost UltraPLUS
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Product Brand
Dry Vacuum Pumps
About this product

The SIHI Boost UltraPLUS dry-running vacuum pump provides the most powerful solution on the market, satisfying demand for faster load lock evacuation and short cycle times for large-area coaters.

Replacing Roots-type blower systems with SIHI Boost UltraPLUS units can enable existing production equipment to achieve the industry’s fastest load lock cycle times to date. In addition, the SIHI Boost UltraPLUS vacuum pump features oil-free operation and full electronic synchronization. Re-acceleration time can be cut by up to 50% or more.

The unit delivers shorter pump-down times while requiring significantly less backing pump capacity. This can result in 50% less energy consumption compared to standard vacuum systems at end pressure. Equipment footprint can be reduced as well; a single compact SIHI Boost UltraPLUS pump can replace two or three conventional units while eliminating the need for interstage cooling.

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Cycle Time
50% faster

Max Power
28 kW

Up to 350 mbar

No other manufacturer offers the revolutionary performance of SIHI Boost UltraPLUS dry-running vacuum pumps:

Cut cycle times for batch processes by 50% or more

  • Significantly faster pump-down — 10 times faster than any other two-stage vacuum system
  • Potentially doubles the output of existing process equipment

Highest volume flows from atmospheric pressure to fine vacuum ranges

  • Delivers performance up to five times faster than traditional Roots-type blowers
  • Market-leading compression ratio (K0) of up to 100,000:1, which is exponentially higher than the rate of the highest-performing Roots-type blower (maximum 75:1)

Greater process control

  • Greater temperature control
  • Non-contacting spindle design enables the unit to operate at vacuum levels conventional Roots-type blowers can’t provide.

Use of liquid ring vacuum pumps as backing pump

  • Trouble-free pumping of sensitive media
  • High capacity for hydrogen

High suction capacity and fast pump-down, even with smaller backing pump

  • Lower total power consumption
  • Reduced costs for service/maintenance
  • Smaller footprint
  • Less backing pump capacity required

Completely oil-free operation

  • Electronic spindle synchronization ensures no-contact operation without a gearbox.
  • No process contamination from oil

Minimal maintenance and downtime

  • No rotating shaft or wearing seals
  • Fast in-situ service on-site
  • Condition monitoring replaces preventive maintenance

Low noise and vibration

  • Virtually silent operation
  • Getting rid of the gearbox also eliminates nearly all vibration.

No internal bypass required

  • Spindles can be exposed to atmospheric pressure, even when running at full speed.

Optimizes carbon footprint of coating equipment

  • Enables higher efficiency and output for coating machines

Deep vacuum level down to 10-4 Torr in combination with a dry screw backing pump

Size range: Sizes from 3,500 up to 8,000 m³/h (2,100 to 4,800 cfm) suction capacity

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