Flowserve VirtualPlant: The Power to “See” Our Products at Work

Did you know that Flowserve offers an online resource that is unique in the flow control industry? VirtualPlant is a great example of how we are using innovation to take the guesswork out of product selection.

Interactive experience

VirtualPlant is a web-based tool that uses three-dimensional modeling, product information and actual customer use cases to provide a visual, interactive experience for customers to browse products for select applications within the oil and gas, chemicals, power, water and general industries.

Customers have used these products successfully in the referenced applications for years, so you can be confident that all product recommendations are based on tried-and-tested scenarios in real-world conditions.


Flowserve VirtualPlant is a web-based tool that uses three-dimensional modeling, product information and real-world customer use cases to provide a visual, interactive experience.


Flowserve across industries

VirtualPlant currently features 11 industrial applications:

  • Oil Refinery Plant
  • Desalination Plant
  • Concentrated Solar Power – Tower Plant
  • Concentrated Solar Tower – Parabolic Mirror Plant
  • Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • Conventional Steam Power Plant
  • Coal to Olefins/Methanol to Olefins (CTO-MTO) Plant
  • Chemical Pharmaceutical Plant
  • Biological Pharmaceutical Plant
  • Brewery Plant
  • Palm Oil Mill and Refinery Plant

Flowserve continues to add industrial applications, functionality, educational resources and technical data to expand the capabilities of this unique tool.

Inside VirtualPlant

When you enter VirtualPlant, you choose an industrial application and see a 3D rendering of a typical plant from an aerial perspective. By clicking on colored pins, you can zoom in to the unit level and then to the product level to see the pumps, valves, seals and support systems related to that area of the plant. To learn about product features and benefits, you can navigate through a variety of product literature, images, videos, manuals and training materials.

A variety of benefits

While VirtualPlant makes it easy to find relevant products and services by plant type or process area, the tool provides several benefits beyond product research.

  • Simplify the RFP process — quickly confirm that Flowserve has expertise in the specific industry application and then identify products to focus on in your RFP.
  • Find important product and safety information — access an ever-growing library of information including technical bulletins, safety data, instruction manuals, training materials and other supporting content.
  • Support employee onboarding and training — by exploring the 3D models and related information, new employees can learn more about the pumps, valves and seals they will encounter in your plant’s various application areas.

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