Triple Offset Butterfly Valve - Durco TX3
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Triple Offset Butterfly Valve
About this product

The Durco TX3 butterfly valve offers excellent shutoff capabilities with the low torque and reduced wear benefits of a triple offset design. The precision seat and seal are machined at an offset angle, creating even seat loading around the entire seat ring and eliminating rubbing between the seat and seal during opening and throttling. Combined with its laminated seal ring, the Durco TX3 valve's triple offset design provides long-lasting, bi-directional, bubble-tight shutoff, even in gas applications.

It's high-performance design offers the following advantages:

  • Higher reliability -- API 598 zero-leakage shutoff assured by triple offset design and laminated metal graphite seat seal
  • Extended service life -- owing to low-operating torque resulting from the low-friction, low-wear elliptical sealing surfaces
  • Minimized emissions -- packing options meet stringent fugitive emissions (ISO 15848-1) requirements
  • Improved safety -- API 607 fire-safe design plus API 609 anti-blowout shaft

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Test Standard
API 598

Design Standard
API 609

Fugitive Emissions
ISO 15848
  • Laminated graphite or metal-to-metal sealing provides reliable, long-lasting zero leakage (API 598) shutoff, even in gas applications
  • Triple offset design eliminates wear associated with sealing surface contact and maintains sealing integrity during high cycle operation
  • Robust, anti-blowout shaft meets requirements of API 609 
  • Low-operating torque for compact, cost-effective actuation
  • Meets industry standards for design, fire safety and fugitive emissions 
  • Combined with a high-thrust actuator, the Durco TX3 achieves high performance throttling control in a wide range of industry applications
  • The smart positioner makes sure the valve is always in the right, exact position to optimize process parameters and provide operators with the information they need
  • ASME B16.34 - Valves--Flanged, Threaded, and Welding End
  • API 609 - Butterfly Valves: Double-Flanged, Lug-and-Wafer Type
  • ISO 15848-1 - External leakage of valve stems
  • API 607 - Fire Test for Quarter-Turn Valves
  • ISO 10497 - Testing of valves -- Fire type-testing requirements

Size Range: NPS 3 to 60

Pressure Class Range: ANSI Class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500

Seating Material: Laminated graphite/metal seat ring, solid metal seat.

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