Liquid Ring Compressor Pumps - SIHI KPH 85229
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Liquid Ring Compressors
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SIHI® KPH 85229 liquid ring compressors from Flowserve are designed to compress many different kinds of gases and vapors. SIHI compressor technology is well-proven. They are able to use any type of service liquid and can operate under the most severe conditions requiring safety, reliability and special processes. They can also be used in special applications where process contamination is prohibitive.

SIHI KPH 85229 two-stage liquid ring compressors are designed for applications where gas must be compressed carefully to an over-pressure up to 10 barg (145 psig) with a suction capacity up to 2,050 m³/h (1,206 cfm).

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• Design compliant with API 681
• Market-leading isothermal efficiency
• Discharge connection can be selected on either right or left side
• Adjustable range of water consumption
• Smallest dimensional footprint
• Integrated rotor support
• No complex back pullout movement
• Low vibration due to between bearing design

  • API 681
  • CE
  • Suction capacity to: 2,050 m³/h (1,206 cfm)
  • Speeds
    • 985 rpm @ 50 Hz
    • 1,180 rpm @60 Hz
  • Max. compression over-pressure: 10 barg (145 psig)
  • Hydrostatic pressure test (over-pressure): 18 barg (261 psig)
  • Average sound pressure level in 1 m: (3.3 ft) distance ≤ 84 dB (A)1
  • Max. gas inlet temperature: 100°C (212°F)
  • Volume up to shaft level: 101 dm³ (3.57 ft³)


  • Casings: ASTM A351, Grade CF3M
  • Impellers: ASTM A890, Grade 4A

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