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Serck Audco was founded in 1869. The brand’s long-established reputation continues to be maintained with its evolution into modern valve design and manufacturing techniques. The brand is best known for lubricated plug valves and also produces high-performance Slimseal® lined butterfly valves.

Supplied and serviced around the world, Serck Audco valves are used in industries as diverse as oil and gas, mining, food and chemical processing. They provide zero-leakage, bubble-tight shutoff capabilities without the need for seat replacement and can be repaired inline without being removed from the pipeline.

Serck Audco
Serck Audco
Serck Audco
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Reliable transport for natural gas, corrosive and abrasive services

The metal-to-metal seating arrangement of Serck Audco valves has a proven track record of long-term durability and erosion resistance, even when handling high-velocity particles and impurities. This is particularly important when the valve is open against a high differential pressure.


An adjustable gland design, combined with high-performance graphite stem packing materials, ensures low emissions, even under extreme temperatures and extensive mechanical cycling.

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Discover why Serck Audco valves are trusted for natural gas pipelines, abrasive and corrosive services, and other tough jobs.

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