Sustainability Development Overview
What is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable development is the business goal of successfully meeting the world's current needs without compromising the business' ability to meet the needs of future generations. Flowserve's commitment to sustainable development is centered around three key actions: protecting the planet, valuing people and promoting operational excellence.

Protecting the Planet

The Earth is an amazing planet. Its physical laws and natural resources allow mankind to accomplish incredible engineering feats, from producing clean water from the ocean and converting sunlight into electricity, to producing fuels that allow global travel and spaceflight.

Our planet also has capacity to restore itself when natural and man-made contaminants impact fresh water and our atmosphere. But that capacity is limited, and society is now realizing that carbon emissions can affect the global climate, and contribute to more frequent and intense storm events, drought, and rising sea level.

Therefore, our actions to promote sustainable development include reducing the environmental impact from our operations, and the continued development of products and services which allow our customers to reduce their environmental impacts.

Valuing People

Flowserve's success depends on people. Our relationships with customers, partners, investors, governments, communities, and other external stakeholders are critical for our long-term success. By developing strong, effective relationships with these stakeholders, we can develop the products and services to meet their current and future needs.

Flowserve associates are also critical for success. Our business processes promote a safe and healthy work environment, while supporting worker diversity and inclusion. The company provides opportunities for associates to invest both time and financial contributions to improve the communities where we operate. A prime example is the Flowserve Cares community impact program.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence contributes to sustainability in two key ways:

  • Development of strong leadership and governance practices
  • Efficient business execution and innovation

Core values, Code of Business Conduct and other key work processes set expectations for ethical and socially-responsible business operations. Improving operating efficiency, both locally and through corporate-wide initiatives like TargetZero, help Flowserve deliver the best business solutions consistent with our core values, policies and procedures.