Destination Innovation 2021 On-Demand Training Videos

View or rewatch training videos from Destination Innovation 2021, the annual virtual expo brought to you by Flowserve.

Flowserve Educational Services provide unmatched application knowledge to help hone your skills and develop the expertise and confidence you need to respond to challenges, solve real-world problems and prevent potentially dangerous situations.

The more you know about fluid motion control system operation and maintenance, the safer and more effective you and your facility will be.

Training with Instructor

Our educational services and training videos help you:

  • Maximize the performance and efficiency of your systems
  • Improve worker safety and reduce operating costs
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Improve maintenance processes to minimize downtime
  • Better prepare your team to solve real-world problems
  • Get new employees up to speed so they can master complex systems

Training Videos: