Press Releases | 06/03/2019

Flowserve and Petrotec Jointly Open Seal Facility in Qatar

Dry Gas Seal Repair And Testing Facility To Expand Existing And Add New Capabilities.


Flowserve and Petrotec recently celebrated the grand opening of a dry gas seal repair and testing facility in Doha, Qatar. Dry gas seals are an integral part of compressors used in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries in the region. This new facility, built in partnership with Flowserve, expands on Petrotec’s existing wet seal repair and testing facility and brings local compressor seal commissioning, inspection and repair capabilities to Qatar.


Petrotec has been an authorized distributor of Flowserve pumps and mechanical seals in Qatar since 2003, providing customers with a full range of products and aftermarket services.


The event was attended by Misfer Al-Bidaiwi, Vice President of Pearl GTL at Qatar Shell, Abdulaziz Al Ansari, Head of Tawteen at Qatar Petroleum, and leaders from Flowserve, Petrotec and other major oil and gas companies in Qatar.


A strong partnership


“Petrotec is a pioneer in the relationship between Flowserve and its distributors,” said Tom Diez, Vice President, Global Distribution. “This is because Petrotec had the first wet seals repair and testing facility for a third-party company outside of Flowserve’s extensive existing network of facilities.” He noted that this is the first time Flowserve has ever partnered with a distribution channel for a dry gas seal repair facility.


Fred Meeke, Vice President, EMA Sales, thanked Petrotec for supporting Flowserve in the development of our Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless data capture system capabilities. “These are signs of a fantastic and progressive relationship that we have built with Petrotec,” said Fred.


Improved access for region


The new dry gas seal repair and testing facility will give Qatar’s oil and gas companies access to faster seal delivery, local inventory, on-site inspection and testing services, and immediate repair capabilities. Previously, companies had to send compressor seals outside Qatar for testing and servicing, which led to increased downtime and shipping expenses. Flowserve and Petrotec will now be able to bring these services directly to customers’ locations, which will reduce turnaround time.


“I am so proud that we have made another step on our way to Tawteen (localization)," said Al-Bidaiwi, "which is extremely important to us at Qatar Shell — for us as Qataris and for the industry. ... I would like to thank Petrotec and Flowserve for the service they have provided all these years to the oil and gas industry here in Qatar.”


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