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To secure and distribute water for turning arid land into productive land, choose the company that knows the lay of the land.

Flowserve solutions help customers convert arid land into agriculturally productive farms, housing and recreation sites. In each case, we know you need reliable and readily available solutions to keep your operations running.

Flowserve is there when you need us

Our localized inventory of irrigation pumps, distributors and Quick Response Centers ensure speed to market with shortened lead times.

Flowserve delivers the reliability that only comes from decades of experience

Whether drawn from surface or subsurface sources or the final effluent of sewage treatment plants, our pumps effectively secure and distribute these essential waters. Our vertical line shaft and submersible pumps meet the need to reach varying depths with efficiency and reliability.


Our new innovation—the Permanent Magnet Submersible Motor—offers you a high-efficiency motor that significantly reduces cost of ownership.

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Water Application Solution Guide

Water Application Solution Guide

Agriculture relies on dependable, efficient fluid motion and control equipment to maximize yields. Flowserve helps them manage water and crop requirements economically and reliably.

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