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Rotating equipment is critical to your operation. Downtime can mean catastrophic losses, both in productivity and in revenue. A service agreement from Flowserve can ensure your equipment not only stays up and running but also runs as efficiently as possible.

Whether you need a service agreement to manage parts and maintenance, monitor your equipment’s health, or require a custom solution tailored to your specific needs, we can help.

Review our agreements and see what’s right for you.

Service Agreement list

Asset Monitoring Agreement

Reduce costs and increase efficiency by monitoring your equipment’s performance for signs of failure. After capturing performance data via sensors, engineers apply proprietary algorithms — based on extensive manufacturing experience — to identify, diagnose and prevent equipment failures and system disruptions before they occur.

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Custom Service Agreement

Support only the flow control equipment assets you want to cover with a Custom Service Agreement from Flowserve. It can incorporate spare parts plus on-site and/or off-site services. Your custom agreement also can provide repairs, upgrades and training. We help you create a service agreement that meets your unique needs and budget.

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LifeCycle Advantage Agreement

LifeCycle management is designed around the specific key performance indicators (KPIs) that are unique to your operation. By tailoring an equipment maintenance plan around particular objectives, you can focus on those areas where you need to improve.

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Long-Term Agreement

This agreement is an integrated pump and seal maintenance and repair program. A Long-Term service agreement can help reduce the complexity of maintaining your equipment, optimize performance, minimize downtime, decrease energy consumption, and reduce costs.

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Parts Agreement

Using replicated or locally machined parts can compromise your equipment’s mechanical integrity, hydraulic efficiency and safety. We understand the critical elements involved in designing and producing high-quality components. In order to minimize downtime, you need parts quickly — no matter where your plant is located. 

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