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Digitize your water value chain

Becoming a digital water utility is a necessity for addressing aging infrastructure, increasing water scarcity, higher stress on water systems, urbanization and extreme weather events.

Advances in digitization have given you a clearer picture of what matters, plus the advantages of monitoring equipment and predicting behaviors across all operations globally — often without human intervention.

Flowserve understands that digitization will be key to making water and wastewater processes more efficient, resilient and sustainable in your water plant operations. RedRaven is our complete predictive maintenance solution for the industrial space.

See what matters in real time

With RedRaven, you can gain the advantage of seeing what matters most — in real time — in your water plant operations, enabling technicians to proactively identify and address issues before they cause costly downtime and disruptions.

RedRaven is backed by a team of experts who are ready to support plant reliability engineers, water plant operators and maintenance personnel with diagnoses and sound recommendations.

Vibration-certified rotating equipment engineers, business analysts, technicians and project managers are available through the Flowserve Monitoring Center to help operators better understand water process conditions and troubleshoot equipment and system issues.

Achieve significant water cost savings

Digital technologies like RedRaven could save the global water management industry more than $70 billion a year. Flowserve’s dedicated digital water experts and project managers are here to support you with the most efficient and technologically advanced systems and aftermarket services.

Delivering digital water benefits

Digital technology solutions deliver multiple benefits across the water value chain. These include:

Process excellence

Digital solutions optimize individual components as well as connected processes across the water and wastewater utility value chain.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive analytics and condition monitoring with intelligent sensors and connected analytics systems can provide predictive maintenance capabilities that reduce the downtime of critical assets.

Reduced operational costs

Nearly all digital solutions can contribute to lowering energy consumption, maximizing uptime, minimizing or avoiding maintenance and repairs, and ensuring production objectives are achieved on time and within budget.

Minimized capital expenses

Real-time digital water systems optimize existing assets and enable operators to avoid capital-intensive construction projects to meet production targets and/or expand capacity.

Enhanced reliability

A dense network of sensors, intelligent equipment, real-time data analytics and advanced monitoring can enable an operator to be better prepared to changes in demand, process conditions and regulatory requirements.

Labor solutions

Condition monitoring and predictive analytics enable water plant operators to proactively schedule maintenance and efficiently utilize their available technicians. Digital water solutions monitored 24/7/365 from a central location can decrease the need for emergency service calls and production delays due to on-site labor availability issues.

Increased affordability

Reduced capital and operating costs make it possible for water project developers and plant operators to meet agreed-upon rate structures.

Environmental protection

Digital technology solutions can detect failures to enable operators to avoid or minimize contamination of soil, waterways and the atmosphere while also helping to conserve critical water sources.

Meet your complete digital water partner

Flowserve provides the critical flow control equipment and predictive maintenance solutions that enable you to keep ahead of the ever-growing need. We provide:

  • The most comprehensive and proven portfolio of engineered valves, pumps, seals and actuation equipment and energy recovery devices (ERDs) for drinking water supply, wastewater treatment, large water management and lift-irrigation, desalination and industrial applications.
  • In-country engineering expertise, global technology centers and dedicated aftermarket support
  • Advanced, remote monitoring and equipment control with RedRaven, which enables operators to realize the full benefits of IoT and predictive maintenance without major infrastructural changes

Water project developers and operations have partnered with Flowserve for decades. You can benefit from that successful experience as well as our global water application resources and expertise, which can enable you to improve flow control equipment reliability and performance.

We help you reduce energy consumption while increasing plant availability and output. As your partner, Flowserve also helps you enhance the safety and environmental impact of water systems operations and maintenance.

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Operating with Digital Predictive Technology to Advance the Water Industry

When every drop counts, RedRaven's Digital Water Solutions provide the predictive analytics to operate water processes at peak efficiency.

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