RedRaven Asset Health Monitoring

Want complete visibility into your equipment performance?

Traditional equipment monitoring methods — which rely on find-and-fix approaches — are not only outdated, but they’re also inefficient and risky. These antiquated methods provide an incomplete view of your equipment’s health; this uncertainty leads to unplanned equipment downtime, which wrecks productivity, increases operating costs, and impacts your bottom line.

Identify indicators of equipment failure by detecting changes in operating conditions.

The condition monitoring capabilities offered by Flowserve capture and analyze equipment performance data to give you a snapshot of your equipment performance.

With condition monitoring, you can:

  • Receive immediate alerts when equipment performance deviates from predefined thresholds
  • Create trend reports to see how equipment performs over time

Schedule a comprehensive on-site demo to see how condition monitoring can help you prevent equipment failures and system disruptions before they occur.

Implement a service level agreement to drive reliability, safety, environmental and inventory efficiencies across your organization.

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