Turnaround Management

Need to ensure critical equipment is overhauled on time and done right?

Successful turnarounds begin long before the execution stage with smart planning. Companies around the world rely on Flowserve’s proven fluid motion and control expertise, superior technologies and experienced field support to solve complex turnaround and scheduled outage challenges.

You can maximize plant performance and minimize risk by partnering with us. Leverage our global engineering and aftermarket support resources to ensure that your turnarounds are completed safely, within budget and on schedule.

End-to-end aftermarket solutions and services

When they’re responsible for optimizing limited turnaround time as well as maximizing long-term plant performance and reliability, companies across industries turn to Flowserve as their preferred provider of maintenance and repair for pumps, valves, seals and automation. The range of our aftermarket solutions and services includes:

  • A global network of Quick Response Centers (QRCs)
  • Extensive inventory and quick-ship programs to meet turnaround or outage timelines
  • Genuine replacement parts and spares from Flowserve as well as other manufacturers
  • Highly trained technicians who complete repairs properly the first time

How you benefit by partnering with Flowserve

Reduce downtime

  • Achieving business objectives requires time-critical equipment maintenance, repairs or replacement during plant-wide turnarounds or to fix one-off, problematic assets. Our experienced engineers work alongside reliability teams, maintenance engineers and turnaround project managers for months (or years, if necessary) in advance of turnarounds and scheduled outages.
  • We help you identify what work is needed on Flowserve equipment as well as pumps, valves, seals and automation provided by other manufacturers.

Get it right the first time

  • You need to avoid delays and rework during asset start-up. We are your single point of contact and assume responsibility for coordinating all the repair work on-site and off-site.
  • Access our industry-leading maintenance and repair specialists based in every region. They will help you ensure equipment removed during turnarounds is repaired, re-installed, tested and ready to resume operations by the agreed-upon dates.

Know and control your turnaround progress

  • Gain visibility into timelines, the status of maintenance and repairs, and projected costs.
  • We pride ourselves on being transparent so you can confidently proceed with turnarounds because you’re supported by our flow control engineering prowess in addition to the proven large-scale project management resources of Flowserve.

Case Study: Successful turnaround at a major chemical processing facility

Our customer needed 800 valves repaired during an outage, which was scheduled to shut down production for eight weeks. Projects of this size are typical of the turnaround services Flowserve provides. We followed the same process that enables our customers to avoid unplanned downtime.

First, our engineers and technicians assessed the condition of every valve in advance and planned the maintenance and repairs for each asset. “Bad actor” equipment was scheduled for replacement. When the outage began, we removed the valves and completed class-one repairs on-site or at a Flowserve workshop. Every asset was re-installed and tested, and processing resumed with no delays.

Typical turnaround or outage cycle

Flowserve application engineers and maintenance and repair specialists understand that effective planning is the single most important element of executing a successful turnaround. Our experts engage with plant personnel throughout the turnaround cycle — including the pre-turnaround phase — enabling us to better understand your turnaround goals and align resources accordingly. Implementing maintenance and repairs includes:

  • Early engagement — obtain a schedule of upcoming turnarounds
  • 18 to 24 months before turnaround — planning, scope definition, valve walk-downs
  • 12 to 18 months before turnaround — complete technical review, MOC and finalization of proposals
  • 6 to 8 months before turnaround — finalize scope and issue purchase orders
  • During turnaround — execution, including emergency repair requirements and start-up assistance

Implement a service level agreement to drive reliability, safety, environmental and inventory efficiencies across your organization.

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