Digitization Drives More Access to Your Data

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Technological innovations and digitization are making energy-producing assets more efficient, resilient and sustainable

At Flowserve, we’ve bolstered more than 200 years of expertise in flow control systems and solutions with digital offerings engineered to use data and science to monitor, diagnose and correct issues.

With the latest advances in the field of predictive maintenance, operators now have a clearer picture of what matters, while leveraging monitoring and analytics across all operations globally — often without human intervention.
Monitoring devices connect to your plant assets, enabling you to collect data, store it, and then use it to automate otherwise manual tasks. Then, analytics interpret the collected data to identify performance patterns and trends that lead to predictive maintenance.

Process digitization

RedRaven is Flowserve’s predictive maintenance platform that gives you the insights and tools needed to monitor, analyze and predict equipment performance. This means you can respond to problems quickly and protect your plant from equipment failures, downtime and costly repairs. RedRaven tracks the health and performance of assets on-site with wired and wireless sensor networks. 

The Platform enables you to develop operational improvements, predict equipment failures, evaluate equipment life, and plan equipment repairs. The cloud architecture is easy to use with existing infrastructure and can work with multiple platforms.

Paired with the help and expertise of the Flowserve Monitoring Center (FMC), we can interact with your sensors remotely, dynamically obtain more information when needed, analyze your asset performance, and provide reports and recommendations.



Digitization Brings the Ability to Better Respond to Our Fast-changing World

With digitization, Flowserve improves how you monitor, diagnose, predict, correct and/or avoid potential issues with the latest in digital networking capabilities.

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Our monitoring team securely analyzes massive amounts of cloud data for easy-to-read visualizations and meaningful performance insights.

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Sustainability and safety of energy systems

Flowserve is digitizing, diversifying and decarbonizing to support the global transformation toward low-carbon sources. RedRaven is an essential piece to meeting your energy transition, operational and process digitization goals.

Let Flowserve and RedRaven drive your efficiency, productivity and reliability.


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Use Cases

Water Pumps

A shift to predictive maintenance for UK water utility provider

Pools of Water at a Public Water Plant

Digitizing one of the largest water desalination plans in Oman

Glass of Clean Water Being Poured

Monitoring hundreds of assets that supply the U.K. with clean water

Power Plant at Sunset

Expanding predictive maintenance at U.S. power plants

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