Conventional Steam

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When you need to get up a good head of steam, look to an industry leader.

Our participation in Conventional Steam has been anything but conventional. Instead, Flowserve has been an industry leader with a great number of installations in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We offer EPCs a complete portfolio of flow management solutions for the entire plant.

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Conventional Steam

Reliability and on-time delivery

To build a plant within very strict deadlines, you need a provider that has the industry experience to get the correct documentation and complete the job on time. That provider is Flowserve.

Our quality products stand up to pressure and improve efficiency

High efficiency supercritical (SC) and ultra-supercritical  (USC) power plants operating at up to 290 bar (4200 psig) and over 600°C (1100°F) now account for over half of all new plant construction. Flowserve provides the high efficiency and high reliability pumps and valves constructors expect under these extreme operating conditions.

Flowserve is in the high-availability business

It goes without saying that uptime is also critical to your operations. To achieve it, you need products that are reliable and designed for quick overhauls and easy maintenance. Flowserve has you covered and can also support with a responsive service network.


Go inside the 3D Virtual Conventional Steam Power Plant for consolidated information on all the products we recommend. Explore Flowserve VirtualPlant.

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Conventional Steam Power Plant Application Solutions Guide

A valuable reference for anyone associated with a conventional steam power plant. This guide is written by our experts in power generation and details the Flowserve products best suited for providing flow control solutions to each plant application.

Use Cases

Flowserve is a leading supplier of intake pumps for seawater FGD and has a complete portfolio of seals for wet limestone FGD applications.

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