RedRaven Solutions for Valves

RedRaven for Valves

Proactively Identify and Address Valve Issues

RedRaven advanced IoT condition monitoring helps plants monitor valve performance and proactively identify and address issues before they become failures.


It works with existing digital positioners or additional sensors to alert you when a valve deviates from normal operating conditions. With real-time performance data and analytics, you can take prompt action to keep valve problems from evolving into production-stopping failures.


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Our valve conditioning monitoring programs make it easy to prevent valve failures, increase uptime, lower maintenance costs, and improve safety across all of your sites.

A Comprehensive Solution

Unlike other IoT offerings, RedRaven is a comprehensive solution, including sensors, software, communication technology, analytics and expertise. Its an end-to-end solution to support you throughout your entire IoT journey.


RedRaven IoT Journey


The RedRaven technology works with the tools you already have, including sensors, existing distributed control and asset management systems. Since the technology is non-proprietary, you can use it on any digital positioner from most manufacturers. RedRaven can monitor hundreds of valves across sprawling plants without expensive infrastructural, installation or hardware costs.

RedRaven Far Surpasses Other Solutions

RedRaven for valves is not your typical IoT solution. Unlike other offerings, RedRaven:

RedRaven Valve Services
Insight Monitoring

Insight monitoring

Plants can obtain a detailed view of their valves' health through an online cloud portal and gain access to experienced professionals for analysis.

Furthermore, our unmatched service capabilities help plant reliability engineers, operators and maintenance personnel detect, diagnose and quickly respond to problems.

Access Monitoring

Access monitoring

With this on-premises solution, plant personnel and Flowserve technicians can view aggregated data to make decisions on-site. Fast and dependable hands-on support is available through our global network of Quick Response Centers.

Monitoring Center

Flowserve Service & Support and Monitoring Center

Our monitoring center along with our team of service and support personnel support your team with valve insights, alerts and recommendations.

Learn More About IoT

IoT is changing the way companies manage flow control equipment and their plants. Explore our IoT materials and learn more about our IoT solutions, technologies and benefits.

IoT Valve Solutions
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IoT Valve Solutions
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Keep PSA Processes at Peak Efficiency
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