Nordstrom was founded in 1914 and acquired by Flowserve in 2002. The Nordstrom product range includes valves, sealants and accessories to fit any need in any application. With the largest lubricated plug valve manufacturing facility in the world, Nordstrom provides an extensive global customer base with valves known for reliable operation, exceptional sealing and easy maintenance.

Nordstrom Product
Nordstrom Product
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Tight sealing, even under extreme conditions

Nordstrom solutions are designed for critical shutoff applications where there’s no room for error, safeguarding your people, processes and the environment. Their reliability is regularly proven in compressor isolation, pump isolation, meter isolation, water or gas injection system isolation, critical vents, drains, and other applications.


Nordstrom Dynamic Balance® hard-surfaced valves are also notable in slurry services, providing excellent resistance to abrasion in coal, limestone, iron ore, copper ore and other slurries. For these severe services, valves can be supplied with the plug and body hard surfaced with nickel or cobalt base alloys. These materials provide a protective coating, which greatly reduces erosion of the plug seating surfaces, extending valve life and significantly improving performance.

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