Culture stories

Culture Stories

Culture refers to the Social pillar of our ESG strategy. Our Culture priorities of diversity, equity and inclusion; talent recruitment and retention; and employee health and safety help define our purpose of creating flow control solutions to make the world better for everyone. Flowserve is committed to strengthening our values-driven culture and investing in our associates and our communities.

We believe the collective energy of our people sets us apart, and we believe in harnessing that energy to develop leaders; promote diversity in our workforce; and create safe workplaces and products for our employees, our customers and communities. Our behaviors drive many of the programs and initiatives at Flowserve, which celebrate and promote diversity, career development, outstanding performance and safety.

Safety Culture

Flowserve’s commitment to safety is paramount for employees, customers, and communities

At Flowserve, we create and maintain safe working environments, empower our employees to identify and report safety concerns, and act to correct hazards.


Flowserve’s Rapid Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Flowserve implements safety precautions aligned with our people and safety values

Flowserve creates a comprehensive pandemic response plan that includes operating decisions to prioritize the safety of our associates.