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Founded in 1872, Byron Jackson offers oil-filled submersible, nuclear, volute casing, between bearing, overhung and vertical pumps and a liquid cryogenic turbine-generator expander.

Byron Jackson has been the sole source pump supplier for ebullated bed residue hydrocracking since 1967, with more than 80 installed pumps worldwide.

With its SUBM suite of pumps, Flowserve offers one of the broadest range of deep-well submersible pumps in the world. Along with extensive hydraulic coverage, SUBM pumps offer oil-filled or water-filled submersible motors, enabling you to specify the pumping system that best meets your application, specification and lifecycle cost requirements.

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A reputation for quality and reliability

Farmers, golf course superintendents, municipalities, industrial and mining maintenance managers depend on reliable pumping equipment for their daily processes and quick replacement when a failure occurs. An extensive selection of hydraulics, materials and options ensure that Byron Jackson pumps meet operators’ requirements for high efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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Explore Byron Jackson products: known for quality and reliability in oil and gas, water resources and utilities applications.

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