AutoSize is a comprehensive actuator sizing tool supporting multiple Flowserve brand pneumatic and electric actuators. This Windows-based software will significantly reduce user effort associated with manual actuator sizing and more importantly – reduce sizing errors.

“Smart” product selection screens offer quick, simple and accurate data entry. Quick link buttons are provided to access the advanced engineering calculations such as Speed of Operation and Accumulator Tank Sizing. AutoSize 4.3 includes a User Defined Valve Database that allows the user to add alternate valves to the program, save critical data and perform quick and simple sizing.

The Project Database enables the user to save all comprehensive data associated with project management including Critical Sizing Data, Torque Graphs, Engineering Calculations and a detailed Specification Sheet. Historical data is quickly accessible for modification and sizing updates.

AutoSize Software Highlights:

  • Comprehensive actuator sizing tool supporting multiple Flowserve brand actuators
  • User-friendly, Windows-based program
  • Optimized actuator sizing and reduced sizing errors
  • Significantly reduced effort compared to manual sizing
  • User Defined valve database to add, save and recall alternate valves
  • Project data base to save work, recall and update sizing files and categorize by customer and project.
  • Detailed Specification Sheets generated in electronic or hard copy form
  • Global applications in Imperial or Metric units

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