Safety Culture

Flowserve’s commitment to safety is paramount for employees, customers, and communities

At Flowserve, we hold each other accountable for creating and maintaining safe workplaces and products for our associates, customers and communities. We all share the responsibility to support and live our safety value every day, especially during a time when our actions impact all of those around us.

“Safety is about more than just the physical safety of our associates at our facilities – it’s about our overall well-being both in and outside of the workplace,” said Scott Rowe, President and CEO at Flowserve. “When our associates feel safe and secure at work and at home, we can better build a culture where safety is engrained in everything we do.”



Our commitment to safety can be traced back nearly 90 years when we joined the National Safety Council (NSC) and began participating in the NSC’s safety awareness, training and improvement programs. This long-term commitment to decreasing workplace accident rates is reflected in almost 30 years of a declining injury rate and receipt of more than 2,400 NSC awards.

Create safe work places and products for our employees, customers and communities.

Embrace Flowserve's safety rules and hold each other accountable. We do this for ourselves, our customers, our partners and the communities we serve.

We create and maintain safe working environments, empower our employees to identify and report safety concerns, and act to correct hazards. Our Stop Work Authority procedure gives anyone the ability to stop work when they observe a potentially unsafe condition. By promoting a strong safety culture, we are committed to targeting zero accidents to make Flowserve a safer, better place to work.

Our focus on safety and environmental protection has also led to reductions in solvent emissions, solid waste and hazardous waste generation at Flowserve facilities around the world.