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Increased uptime and production, optimized equipment performance, safety, and lower costs don’t happen by accident. It takes an unwavering dedication to always be better than you were yesterday. And it takes innovative tools that allow you to do more than you ever thought possible—tools that show you not only how your equipment is operating today, but enable you to predict, diagnose and repair a problem before it happens.

We’ve developed a portfolio of tools that leverage our unmatched equipment design, service, and engineering expertise so you can better understand your equipment and systems and be more prepared to tackle whatever flow management challenges come your way.

Laptop with IPS Data Logging site

IPS Insight Portal

Optimize industrial equipment reliability, lower costs and increase production.

Industrial plants can’t afford equipment-related downtime, but unfortunately, equipment can’t alert operations when they are about to experience a problem. Flowserve’s IPS Insight portal and mobile app enable operators, reliability engineers, and maintenance technicians to monitor equipment performance and identify specific conditions that could indicate a future problem. With this information, plants can optimize equipment reliability, lower maintenance costs, increase production, and improve collaboration and communication.

IPS Insight is an active-monitoring tool enabling users to track process data and run analytics to detect potential performance issues or upset conditions. Technicians can monitor current pressure, temperature, vibration, fluid condition, and other factors to proactively identify, diagnose, and fix an equipment pump problem before it happens. Users can also customize the tool and set alarms to be alerted to dangerous conditions when system performance falls below user-defined thresholds.

The IPS Insight Data Logging Portal extends monitoring capabilities, enabling engineers and maintenance teams to monitor equipment performance remotely, from anywhere in the world. This portal facilitates collaboration among multiple plant teams and allows for a swift response to deviations in process or equipment parameters so teams can address problems before they cause costly downtime.

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Two men reviewing data on tablet

Track and evaluate rotating equipment performance data.

Tracking and understanding rotating equipment performance data is key to maximizing uptime and reducing maintenance costs. But, capturing, maintaining, and interpreting this information can be challenging.

Flowserve developed its software tool to track valuable information about customers’ pumps, mixers, compressors, mechanical seals, and other rotating equipment in one central repository. Flowserve monitors and tracks:

  • Operational data
  • Failure history
  • Inventories
  • Unit surveys
  • Walkthrough reports
  • Serial numbers
  • Reference drawings
  • Bills of materials

Unlike IPS Insight, which monitors equipment performance in real time, is an electronic database that serves as a central repository of all rotating equipment performance data.

Flowserve uses this data to generate reports to help customers gain insight into life-cycle costs, energy savings calculations, bad actors, premature failure, detailed mean-time-between-failure trends, and more. Flowserve engineers also use to identify and recommend system improvements, track reliability, and provide easy access to application information and reference lists.

Armed with this easy-to-interpret information, plant operators, reliability engineers, and maintenance personnel can proactively manage equipment reliability, reduce maintenance and inventory costs, and improve equipment uptime.

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Gloved hand holding phone showing Flowserve Seal Failure App

Seal Failure Analysis App

Discover why a seal failed and stop it from happening again.

A mechanical seal failure is commonly credited as the cause of equipment downtime and unscheduled maintenance. A compromised seal can lead to pump wear, scratching, corrosion, flashing or fretting, so it’s vital that they perform effectively.

If a seal stops sealing, plants need to identify the cause quickly, and they often don’t have time to wait for a seal expert to travel to their plant and diagnose the issue. With Flowserve’s Seal Failure Analysis app, they don’t have to.

The Flowserve Seal Failure Analysis app is a web-based tool reliability engineers and maintenance personnel can use to visually identify the cause of a seal problem. Teams can use the app to view high-res images of 60 seal failures to diagnose seal breakdowns, learn the telltale signs and typical causes of common failures, and implement prevention strategies to ensure the seal doesn’t experience the problem again.

Within the app, users can also contact a Flowserve expert for a second opinion, find a service center, access essential reference materials, and view seal-related videos.

Accessible via desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, this easy-to-use reference tool is an invaluable resource for those tasked with troubleshooting seal failures, maintaining equipment, and maximizing equipment uptime.

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Cyber learning video

Simulator-based Learning Tools

Learn how your rotating equipment works with classroom and virtual training.

Flowserve believes you should never stop learning. The more plant operators, reliability engineers, and maintenance personnel understand their systems the more prepared they’ll be to solve current and future flow management challenges.

Flowserve uses a variety of tools during its comprehensive training programs, including the CYBERLAB and CYBERCUT learning simulators.

CYBERLAB virtual pump operation simulators. CYBERLAB brings the reality of pumps, seals, and systems to the classroom. Students learn safe equipment startup procedures, how failures can occur, affinity laws, how pump operations affect seal temperature, effects of seal piping plans, and more. With CYBERLAB, participants can get virtual “hands-on” experience to more equipment than we could ever pack into a classroom.

CYBERCUT virtual decoking simulators. These simulators use realistic controls, views, and HMI information, to teach operators different cutting scenarios. They familiarize operators with the cutting system, tech proper cutting techniques to improve safety, enable practice in a risk-free environment, and demonstrate how to respond to upset conditions safely. With CYBERCUT, participants are exposed to real-world decoking scenarios and emergency situations, so they can be better prepared should they experience these situations on the worksite.

By including these tools in our comprehensive training courses, participants can experience more than they ever could in a traditional classroom setting.

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