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Asset Optimization

A partnership with a manufacturer should go beyond the equipment it sells. Flowserve has developed the human resources, technology platforms and business alliances to help you realize more payback from your plant operations.

We not only help our customers “detect and diagnose,” but also “fix and optimize.” We have deep domain knowledge built over 200 years as a major equipment supplier to the industry. We know in detail how to optimize the performance of flow equipment, and how to ensure it is operating safely, reliably, and at peak performance.

With a holistic view of the operation bolstered by lifecycle cost analyses, Flowserve can provide customers with a variety of asset management and optimization solutions—from industry benchmarking to customized asset optimization—that address some of the industry’s toughest issues. These solutions are backed by our unparalleled industry expertise and technical infrastructure that is uniquely developed to the requirements of flow management equipment and systems operation.

Partner with us to manage and optimize your assets to gain efficiencies and lower costs.

Asset Data Management

Flowserve-Asset Performance Management-Asset Data Management_378x245

Flowserve employs a comprehensive array of tools and technologies to ensure all relevant data become part of the decision-making process—at the equipment, unit or plant level. A comprehensive data view coupled with insights from Flowserve experts can identify latent efficiencies and optimizations to improve performance and decrease costs.

Whether employing a wireless monitoring system, leveraging its IPS Insight platform or making sense of disparate sets of historical data, Flowserve can help customers get a more complete view of all their data. Once data is collected and/or cleansed, proprietary software from Flowserve allows customers to view actionable information using easy-to-understand graphical interfaces. Then, experts work with your team to decipher trends and insights and develop an optimization plan. Our goal is to quickly deploy solutions that prevent equipment failures and system disruptions before they occur.

Data Acquisition
Wired or wireless, in situ or mobile, Flowserve has the products and technical resources to accurately collect and efficiently transmit data.

  • IPS Wireless™: Intelligent Process Solutions such as IPS Wireless can be deployed to gather analog or digital data where a wired system would not be economically feasible.
  • Condition Data Point Monitoring: Flowserve offers Condition Data Point Monitoring (CDPM), a proactive, predictive monitoring program that tracks machine condition over time to reveal long-term trends and prevent conditions that jeopardize plant productivity and profitability.
  • Advanced Vibration Measurements and Diagnostics: Flowserve has developed numerous field acquisition and analysis tools to rapidly and accurately determine causes of equipment issues related to vibration and pressure pulsation.
  • Special Field Performance Test Tools: Flowserve engineers use proprietary technologies to determine hydraulic and thermodynamic equipment performance to troubleshoot system issues.

Data Cleansing
Flowserve offers sophisticated software and human support to identify missing data and flesh out anomalies. These tools and processes can be applied to both historical records and real-time operational data. By filling in data gaps, you can purge economic waste and mitigate the potential for decision-making errors resulting from faulty or incomplete data.

Data Analysis
Flowserve experts don’t just provide human review of operational data. We have also developed tools that incorporate algorithmic analysis of real-time data, enabling automated adjustments to equipment operation. By employing leading-edge tools and industry expertise, Flowserve helps customers identify early indicators of equipment failure, diagnose issues and take action to avoid equipment and system failure—and, worse, plant shutdowns. 

  • IPS APEX™: Flowserve IPS APEX™ is the industry’s most sophisticated tool for data acquisition, intelligent control, condition monitoring and diagnostics—all packaged into a single solution. IPS APEX™ is equipped with advanced diagnostic algorithms specifically developed for process systems, high-speed data acquisition of dynamic sensor signals and flexible options for interfacing with customer DCS, PL C or other visual alert systems.

Data Visualization
The IPS Insight platform is a data aggregation system that offers a unique view of key performance indicators for critical plant assets. Through this portal, customers and Flowserve technical experts can collaboratively view a centralized repository of plant asset information aggregated from any source. Problems and performance issues can be quickly diagnosed and ongoing performance metrics can be monitored through easily interpreted visuals.

Asset Optimization Solutions

Flowserve-Asset Performance Management-Asset Optimization Solutions_378x245

Plant Operators face demands for increased productivity and profits, which are seemingly at odds with the everyday realities of decreased operating budgets, rising energy costs and increasing operational costs.

That is why Flowserve has evolved its capabilities to go beyond simply selling equipment to include a suite of resources and tools designed to relieve the stresses and reduce the lifecycle costs of equipment reliability, inventory, energy and environmental issues.

  • The industry is moving forward… and we are seeing customers like you start to inquire more and more about our ability to provide more information about pumps and flow management systems … and more specifically how to operate more reliably and at peak performance.  It is critical that companies like Flowserve lead the transition to becoming a provider not only of product and services, but also of systems, software, information, and integrated services to help customers like you tackle your toughest flow challenges.
  • Flowserve is unique… in that we not only are a long-standing OEM of leading-edge pump technology, but we also have the ability to detect, diagnose, and then repair or even upgrade your flow equipment, bringing it up to its optimal level of performance and reliability.  Today, we make pumps, valves, seals, and wireless technology & software to provide you with an end-to-end solution that can help you improve the overall performance of your operations.
  • We are collaborating to find “best-in-class” solutions… and we believe in developing open, scalable, secure solutions that use “best-in-class” hardware, communications networks, software, and analytics capabilities to help our customers tackle their toughest flow challenges.  We continuously evaluate and evolve our technology and our offering. This is why we are collaborating with “best-in-class” providers in this space, to be able to deliver the best possible solution set for our customers.
  • We are investing in analytics and engineering capabilities…  companies like Flowserve, who have deep domain knowledge in how the equipment is designed and ultimately operates, will succeed in this new environment.  We are developing rapid computing power, evaluating vast streams of data, and deploying smart people and advanced systems that can interpret that data …and more importantly – take action.  We are in a period of rapid innovation, where deep analytics, paired with advanced machine learning, is allowing us to process more information than ever before, and draw conclusions more rapidly and more accurately than we’ve seen in the past.
  • We see a well-connected, predictive, and practical future… where the combination of rapidly advancing technology, coupled with the reduced cost of gathering and analyzing data, is now allowing plant owners and operators to instrument not only the “critical few,” but also the “important many” pieces of equipment that are key to their day-to-day operations.  This will come about as we deliver solutions that are both practical and cost effective.  Today, customers can connect their plant equipment directly, and in near real-time, to the key decision makers who can take action, whether it be to continue running, or to stop and repair a piece of equipment before it fails, or choose to upgrade it at the next opportunity in order to improve overall system performance and reliability.

Rotating Equipment Performance
Increased equipment reliability ensures enhanced plant availability and reduced downtime cost. The result is a double savings: lower maintenance cost and higher throughput. Flowserve is constantly innovating to enhance performance and reliability, and ultimately to extend the productive life of rotating equipment.

Through the measured application of mechanical and hydraulic upgrades with a focus on a life cycle cost payback, Flowserve can effect an immediate change in plants where bad actors, rework and low mean time between planned maintenance are unnecessarily burdening plant operations.

Energy Optimization
Pumps and other process equipment are enormous consumers of energy. Over time, as process parameters change and equipment degrades, significant amounts of energy are squandered, driving up operating costs.

Energy costs are estimated at two-and-a-half times more than maintenance expenses over the life of most rotating equipment. Due to those costs and increasing pressures to decrease carbon dioxide emissions, an energy improvement program from Flowserve is often the first step in an asset optimization solution.

Flowserve energy audits review all aspects of the process system and establish baselines and future performance metrics. Field performance testing tools, expert hydraulic system design including CFD analysis, flow visualization, and comprehensive pump system analysis software can all be employed to achieve energy optimization.

Plant Availability Improvement
By their nature, critical assets dictate plant uptime. Supported by state-of-the-art technology and our global QRC network, Flowserve has developed online assurance programs solely focused on increasing critical asset uptime.

Features of these programs include:

  • Custom-designed algorithms to predict failure modes and life expectancy
  • IPS Insight to visualize live conditions and project and manage asset activities
  • Global access to Flowserve industry experts
  • Local QRC capabilities for quick turnaround and ensured equipment availability
  • Wireless process condition support
  • Consigned or vendor-managed inventory programs


Tools & Technology: IPS Insight &

Flowserve - Asset Optimization Tools and Technology

A consistent, comprehensive view of asset data is vital to improving operational performance. That is where our proprietary web-based software applications come in—IPS Insight and These help customers collect, store, manage and interpret asset data to achieve meaningful business results.

With these applications, you can:

  • View ongoing performance metrics through easily interpreted visuals
  • Monitor real-time equipment performance
  • Conduct predictive analysis
  • Recommend corrective action based on facts and verifiable data
  • Review historical equipment information
  • Manage timing and costs for equipment change-outs, repairs, maintenance and commissioning
  • Receive alarms and notifications via email, SMS text and smartphone applications is a secure, web-based application used to help customers implement comprehensive reliability improvement programs. It tracks performance data such as meantime between failure (MTBF), and offers real-time access to equipment databases with powerful filtering and sorting capabilities. Access

Key features include:

  • Life cycle cost and energy savings calculations
  • Equipment drawing repositories
  • Inventory management features
  • Failure mode reporting

IPS Insight

IPS Insight is a data aggregation system that offers a unique view of key performance indicators for pumps, other rotating equipment and critical plant assets. Easy-to-interpret visuals show real-time operational data obtained from customer control systems and onboard sensors, comparing actual data to expected performance levels. Access IPS Insight

The centralized view can also include:

  • Installation and operation information
  • Bill of material data including drawings
  • Historical data including parts usage, upgrades and maintenance records
  • Parts and service availability from Flowserve Quick Response Centers