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Discover Flowserve’s Nuclear Products and Solutions

Join Flowserve at the MUG (Motor-Operated Valve) and AUG (Air-Operated Valve) Users Groups annual conferences in Palm Desert, Calif., from January 14–18, 2019. We’ll be showcasing our Edward®, Anchor/Darling®, Valtek® and other prominent valve brands during AUG-MUG 2019.

The conferences are dedicated to the development and exchange of technical information concerning the performance, design, testing and maintenance of air-operated valves, motor-operated valves, compressed air systems and fluid leak maintenance programs.

Engage with our proven nuclear team

Visit us in booth #113 to discover how we’re meeting the nuclear industry’s stringent demands for exceptional safety standards, peak performance and rapid servicing.

Flowserve is a global market leader in providing flow control solutions. More than 80 percent of the world’s main steam/feedwater isolation valves installed and in service since 1985 are supplied by Flowserve — epitomizing our proven track record of performance in super-critical conditions. Our products and solutions are trusted and relied upon in more than 200 nuclear reactors worldwide.

Explore our services to reduce your downtime

Rapid, qualified servicing is essential to profitability. Our nuclear valve experts will be on hand to discuss Flowserve’s on-time delivery of turnkey services and explain how our globally located Quick Response Centers (QRCs) provide swift responses to solve your nuclear challenges and reduce downtime.

Exceed the rigorous requirements of the nuclear power industry

This video details the design features, intense testing procedures and nuclear qualifications of the Flowserve Edward® main steam isolation valve (MSIV), main feedwater isolation valve (MFIV) and Type A actuators. The excellent track record and functionality of the Flowserve Edward MSIV are just part of the reasons why Flowserve valves have been selected for nuclear power plant installations all over the world.

Facts about the Flowserve Edward Equiwedge® valve

  • Ideal for numerous power plant flow control applications
  • Reduces overall maintenance costs and process downtime
  • Increases equipment longevity
  • Provides exceptional performance and reliable operation

Product snapshot

Edward® Equiwedge™ Gate Valve — Exceptional performance for critical applications

Answering critical nuclear valve questions

Precision, safety, expertise and support are the hallmarks of Flowserve’s nuclear power solutions. Our nuclear valve experts will be on hand at AUG-MUG 2019 to answer questions and address product application issues.

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Learn more about our history and leadership

Since the advent of commercial nuclear power, Flowserve’s Anchor/Darling, Argus™, Durco®, Edward and Valtek valves have been continually used for critical applications at commercial nuclear power generation plants around the globe. Moreover, our experienced technical experts have supported the successful operations of these plants.

Our extensive valve portfolio covers severe service control valves, gate valves, globe valves and check valves, including main steam isolation valves (MSIVs), main feedwater isolation valves (MFIVs), motor-operated and air-operated gate and globe valves, control valves and check valves. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can better allocate your time, resources and budget — and run your operations more safely, reliably and profitably.

In addition to extensive flow control engineering and application expertise, Flowserve provides our nuclear power generation customers a comprehensive product line of valves  for new and replacement applications, technical support, and a full menu of MRO parts and services. Read our updated valve and actuation catalog.

We look forward to seeing you in January at the MUG Conference and AUG Conference.

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