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Concrete volute pumps designed and manufactured by Flowserve, a leading provider of fluid motion and control products and services for the global infrastructure markets, are helping The Netherlands protect its country and citizens from catastrophic flooding.

Flowserve’s concrete volute pumps are part of an entire water management system, and their reliable operation is an essential factor in The Netherlands’ flood management success.

A large-scale and mission-critical project

The Afsluitdijk has protected The Netherlands from catastrophic flooding for more than 80 years. However, rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions have threatened the causeway’s ability to endure.

The Netherlands launched a massive renovation project to upgrade the causeway and increase its drain capacity by installing new pumps to discharge surplus water from the Ijsselmeer into the Wadden Sea. Once complete, the Afsluitdijk’s new pumping stations will be the largest in Europe.

Pump reliability was a significant concern, as failures could have far-reaching effects on the environment and the safety of Dutch citizens — which is why reliability is such a critical aspect of Flowserve’s pump design.

Rugged and reliable pumps for flood protection

Flowserve’s concrete volute pumps offered The Netherlands a reliable, efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution that will protect the country and its citizens for decades to come.

Features like a corrosion-resistant concrete volute pump concept and a high-efficiency design make these pumps a strong choice for drainage and flood protection applications. The pumps’ rugged, compact construction virtually eliminates vibration problems, which reduces maintenance labor and costs. Their pullout design also simplifies installation and enables them to be installed once the civil work is completed.

Netherlands dam

Environmentally friendly requirements

Flowserve’s concrete volute pumps not only met the Afsluitdijk’s performance needs, but they also met its environmental requirements as well. These pumps are among Flowserve’s most environmentally conscious pumps.

Concrete volute pumps combine Flowserve’s most efficient hydraulics and pumping capabilities with a fish-safe hydraulic design, making them nondestructive and safe for aquatic life.

Flowserve’s past experience and expertise

Flowserve is no stranger to large-scale projects and has a long history of solving massive fluid motion challenges. Flowserve provided solutions to The Netherlands in 1929 when the first concrete volute pump was installed.

Flowserve has installed pumps in large flood management projects around the world. Whether it’s the daily security of a major city or the ongoing reclamation of a nation’s low country, Flowserve equipment and application expertise can tackle the biggest flood control projects.

Making the world better for everyone

Using our products and solutions to make the world a better, safer place is something Flowserve will always strive for.

The Afsluitdijk is the largest flood control project in Europe, and Flowserve is honored to support the renovation with our solutions, technologies and products to bolster The Netherlands’ flood protection and make the region a better place for all who call it home.

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