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Lifecycle Management Programs

Making sure you make the right investment every time is almost impossible. And it can be daunting knowing your business is vulnerable to risk. Our methodology is simple – you’re not in this alone! LifeCycle Advantage enables us to partner with you to deliver immediate improvements in equipment reliability, operational efficiency, and measurable cost savings.

LifeCycle Advantage is our formal methodology for evaluating an operation and implementing programs created with the complete lifecycle of your equipment and systems in mind. Through this methodology, we form a strategic partnership with mutually compatible goals and key performance indicators to ensure that everyone wins. Basically, when you thrive, we thrive.

We welcome the challenge that comes with optimizing your unique operating goals and equipment. Together we’ll minimize downtime, streamline your inventory, reduce costs and extend equipment life. The result is immediate impact in operating performance and a quick delivery of results to the bottom line.

Partner with us to realize immediate and long-term cost savings.

Education and Consultative Services

Flowserve-Asset Performance Management-Education and Consultative Services_378x245

 Flowserve looks at learning from a customer’s perspective, which is why students come away from our education and consultative programs with the skills they need to strengthen their company’s competitive position.

The Flowserve Educational Services group provides educationally sound hands-on technical training in equipment design, operation, and maintenance in our global state-of-the-art Learning Resource Centers. We can also provide customized on-site training.

The LifeCycle Advantage program also provides access to additional consultative services such as system analysis, diagnostics and energy management. These services develop expertise in equipment performance and reliability to pinpoint problem areas, diagnose complete system impacts, and deliver solutions to improve the operation of your plant.

Equipment Performance

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Flowserve has decades of experience serving the needs of process-driven companies. LifeCycle Advantage combines our expertise in equipment management with your team’s process knowledge to increase reliability and performance of industrial process systems.

We begin with a complete survey of your equipment and documentation of its maintenance history to identify critical and under-performing equipment, the root causes of failures, and corrective courses of action.

Key performance indicators are established to measure program success, and implementation teams meet routinely to review performance indicators and assure program goals are met.

The result: fewer equipment failures, less downtime, lowered total cost of ownership and increased overall profitability.

Strategic Procurement

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In addition to the hard costs of materials and services, the Flowserve LifeCycle Advantage program focuses on reducing the man-hours associated with procurement. Our program promotes a collaborative relationship that drives efficiency and cost reduction.

As part of your LifeCycle Advantage agreement, we’ll review procurement processes and help you reduce the number of your transactions, minimize procurement paperwork, and increase your administrative productivity. By consolidating business with Flowserve, you can process fewer purchase orders and invoices.

The key to driving efficiency is having the proper personnel, processes, and tools available. LifeCycle Advantage enhances all three elements at your plant. By leveraging our equipment expertise and enhancing your existing processes, we can make immediate impacts—reducing costs and increasing productivity.

LifeCycle Advantage can help you optimize procurement by:

  • Automating and streamlining the entire procurement process
  • Updating parts codes and product nomenclature in business systems
  • Providing clear documentation of reduced inventories, improved reliability, and cost savings
  • Performing periodic reviews to evaluate performance and maintain focus on procurement efficiency

Streamlined Inventory

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While the LifeCycle Advantage program is based on a highly structured implementation process, every LifeCycle Advantage agreement is carefully customized to meet each customer’s unique operating goals and requirements.

Your LifeCycle Advantage agreement will include plans of action for streamlining inventory activities through:

  • A comprehensive analysis of current inventory and inventory requirements
  • Recommendations for the consolidation and reduction of inventory
  • Assignment of criticality and availability ratings for pump, seal, valve, and automation assets

After evaluating inventory options, an inventory management program is established with just-in-time equipment procurement. A targeted program is created to reduce both transaction and carrying costs.

Flowserve manages this important aspect of the LifeCycle Advantage solution to reduce the number of inventory items that need to be controlled, and helps plants reduce inventory costs and related expenses. This allows your personnel to focus on more profitable, mission-critical activities.

Technical Support

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LifeCycle Advantage brings together a global team of mechanical sealing experts, rotating equipment specialists, reliability engineers, and specialists in valves and automation. This may be on-site at your facility or through our global network of service experts and Quick Response Centers.

On-site technical support for your rotating equipment or valve and automation equipment is augmented by our technical development facilities. There, equipment can be modeled and tested under actual running conditions through computer-aided and finite element analysis programs.

Your LifeCycle Advantage team includes technical and resource support from a global network of engineers and specialists whose responsibilities include:

  • Troubleshooting, and recommendations in the field regarding installation, design, and operations
  • Oversight and coordination of standardization and inventory program
  • Providing application engineering and technical support

Tools & Technology: IPS Insight &

Flowserve - Lifecycle Management Programs Tools and Technology

A consistent, comprehensive view of asset data is vital to improving operational performance. That is where our proprietary web-based software applications come in—IPS Insight and These help customers collect, store, manage and interpret asset data to achieve meaningful business results.

With these applications, you can:

  • View ongoing performance metrics through easily interpreted visuals
  • Monitor real-time equipment performance
  • Conduct predictive analysis
  • Recommend corrective action based on facts and verifiable data
  • Review historical equipment information
  • Manage timing and costs for equipment change-outs, repairs, maintenance and commissioning
  • Receive alarms and notifications via email, SMS text and smartphone applications is a secure, web-based application used to help customers implement comprehensive reliability improvement programs. It tracks performance data such as meantime between failure (MTBF), and offers real-time access to equipment databases with powerful filtering and sorting capabilities. Access

Key features include:

  • Life cycle cost and energy savings calculations
  • Equipment drawing repositories
  • Inventory management features
  • Failure mode reporting

IPS Insight

IPS Insight is a data aggregation system that offers a unique view of key performance indicators for pumps, other rotating equipment and critical plant assets. Easy-to-interpret visuals show real-time operational data obtained from customer control systems and onboard sensors, comparing actual data to expected performance levels. Access IPS Insight

The centralized view can also include:

  • Installation and operation information
  • Bill of material data including drawings
  • Historical data including parts usage, upgrades and maintenance records
  • Parts and service availability from Flowserve Quick Response Centers