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Reliability Services

After over 200 years of helping our customers succeed, we’ve learned some of the quickest, most efficient ways to help our customers improve plant reliability and as a result - reduce costs. That’s how we came up with our standardized reliability services offering: a set of packaged solutions that help improve the reliability of a plant’s rotating equipment.

Our reliability experts quickly assess the current condition of your equipment, as well as help you benchmark your reliability program and maintenance practices. Then, we can help you identify any gaps, implement gap closure plans, and train your personnel in the latest methods and techniques to help these improvements last.

Our condition-based monitoring methodology is founded on reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) and failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) fundamentals, and is managed by experienced reliability and rotating equipment engineers.

Reliability Services can help you:

  • Improve safety: By ensuring that industry best practices are in place, plants adopt a “Safety First” approach designed to prevent accidents and protect the safety and health of employees, customers, the public and the environment.
  • Improve efficiency of operations: By evaluating the condition and performance of rotating equipment and establishing clearly defined operational procedures, plant equipment runs at its best efficiency point (BEP) and contributes to overall efficiency.
  • Reduce downtime and improve reliability: By ensuring that proper PM/PdM practices are in place, plant equipment availability is improved, which in turn leads to increased productivity and profitability.
  • Lower cost of ownership: By improving equipment reliability, maintenance costs decrease, and equipment lifespan increases, resulting in a reduced total cost of ownership.

As your reliability partner, Flowserve will help you by quickly developing a comprehensive recommendation plan and execution strategy to help you achieve sustainable reliability and optimal plant performance levels.

Flowserve can provide the following work-scope:

  • Review equipment condition, system performance and failure history:
    • Perform a visual audit, noting corrective actions to be taken concerning the equipment and system auxiliaries
    • Perform equipment performance testing
  • Perform an FMEA for targeted equipment population
  • Review PM/PdM programs
  • Supply a detailed report that includes:
    • Opportunities to improve equipment condition and performance
    • Gaps in existing PM/PdM programs
    • Solutions for chronically problematic equipment and systems using Return on Investment (ROI) projections
  • Perform a data management (ERP/CMMS) extraction that includes:
    • Flowstar equipment and repair history upload and continued maintenance
    • Reliability reporting through
  • Provide sustainability program and training recommendations:
    • Recommend the specific training courses to support sustainability development by utilizing Flowserve Learning Resource Centers (on-site custom courses also available)
  • Deliver an implementation workshop:
    • Deliver a strategic plan for implementation of recommendations
    • Review equipment upgrade and re-rate proposals
    • Provide IPS Wireless Monitoring support (when applicable)

See how you can quickly improve your reliability program today.

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Tools & Technology: IPS Insight &
Tools & Technology: IPS Insight &

A consistent, comprehensive view of asset data is vital to improving operational performance. That is where our proprietary web-based software applications come in—IPS Insight and These help customers collect, store, manage and interpret asset data to achieve meaningful business results.

With these applications, you can:

  • View ongoing performance metrics through easily interpreted visuals
  • Monitor real-time equipment performance
  • Conduct predictive analysis
  • Recommend corrective action based on facts and verifiable data
  • Review historical equipment information
  • Manage timing and costs for equipment change-outs, repairs, maintenance and commissioning
  • Receive alarms and notifications via email, SMS text and smartphone applications is a secure, web-based application used to help customers implement comprehensive reliability improvement programs. It tracks performance data such as meantime between failure (MTBF), and offers real-time access to equipment databases with powerful filtering and sorting capabilities. Access

Key features include:

  • Life cycle cost and energy savings calculations
  • Equipment drawing repositories
  • Inventory management features
  • Failure mode reporting

IPS Insight

IPS Insight is a data aggregation system that offers a unique view of key performance indicators for pumps, other rotating equipment and critical plant assets. Easy-to-interpret visuals show real-time operational data obtained from customer control systems and onboard sensors, comparing actual data to expected performance levels. Access IPS Insight

The centralized view can also include:

  • Installation and operation information
  • Bill of material data including drawings
  • Historical data including parts usage, upgrades and maintenance records
  • Parts and service availability from Flowserve Quick Response Centers


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