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Technical Assessments

Opportunities for improvement are often found throughout plant operations. Thoroughly assessing plant performance is a crucial component to identifying problem areas and implementing practical, cost-effective solutions.

With a dedicated team of more than 150 solutions engineers, Flowserve can perform comprehensive assessments aimed at continuously improving all aspects of operations. Our experts understand the interconnected parameters between your performance metrics, including throughput, energy consumption, uptime, environmental compliance and safety. And our in-depth expertise enables us to identify opportunities big and small to ensure optimum performance and reduce a system’s overall lifecycle cost.

Operating and historical data analyses identify opportunities. Modeling and technology-aided tools pinpoint problems. Lifecycle cost calculations provide solutions, recommendations and economic justifications. All of this helps guide the entire team to the best course of action, whether it be simple equipment adjustments or more complex system improvement solutions.

Contact us today to begin your assessment and reduce your operational costs and improve reliability.

Energy Assessments

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Pumps can consume up to 80% of a plant’s energy usage. Flowserve engineers are specially trained to identify pump and related equipment inefficiencies that can directly impact the operation’s bottom line.

An energy assessment includes evaluations of hydraulic and mechanical design, driver and operating controls, auxiliary services and sealing systems. The assessment provides an analysis of specific pump, equipment and system issues, recommendations on how to correct them, budget estimates and return-on-investment analyses. Energy assessments have proven especially valuable in plants where process parameters have changed or where systems degradation has occurred.

Equipment Performance Improvements

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Flowserve engineers have collaborated with plant operators, process licensors and architectural and engineering firms to solve some of the industry’s toughest equipment reliability, performance and availability challenges. We work with you to evaluate and test your equipment. If it’s not at peak performance, we’ll recommend unique solutions and work with your teams to ensure that performance is optimal.

Hydraulic Modeling

Flowserve hydraulic modeling services don't just identify system performance problems; we show you how to fix them.

Hydraulic modeling can answer “why”, “what” and “how” to an endless array of questions about your piping systems. And, with our hydraulic modeling services, Flowserve doesn’t just identify these problems; we show you how to fix them. 

Flowserve modeling provides detailed analyses of your system performance and hydraulic issues. We gather test measurements and input the data into software that generates a hydraulic model that simulates the conditions in your piping system, showing the complex interplay of flows, pressures and temperatures. With this holistic view of your system, Flowserve troubleshoots problems and shows you the potential impact and benefits of changes.

Key Technologies

Flowserve - Technical Assessments - Key Technologies

Flowserve engineers use numerous analytical tools for technical assessments, including:

  • Hydraulic and thermodynamic modeling - validated with real-time field data
  • Water-steam cycle thermodynamic modeling
  • A multi-channel vibro-elastic data acquisition system
  • Acoustic analysis of pump systems to handle pressure pulsation problems
  • Erosion and corrosion materials analyses
  • Software to model steady-state and transient hydraulics in complex systems
  • Hydraulic design, CFD analysis, flow visualization, energy optimization, and erosion modeling.
  • Rotor dynamic analysis

Pump Performance Assessments

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Regardless of plant size, empirical evidence reveals that 5%-10% of the installed pump base will develop “bad actors”—chronically problematic pumps that drive up cost and kill efficiency. A disciplined, methodical program to eliminate them will result in significant and rapid savings. Flowserve engineers can conduct an assessment to identify those pumps most negatively affecting LCC and plant availability. Then, remedial actions are taken to remove the bad actor from the list and improve performance. This process is repeated until all bad actors are restored to expected performance. Customers report a 15%-20% reduction in lifecycle costs per pump in many cases.

Safety, Health and Environmental Assessments

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Flowserve engineers routinely help customers turn safety, health and environmental expenses into positive life cycle cost investments. Energy and environmental assessments, emissions monitoring and corrective control, and safety audits are all available.

System Assessments

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Flowserve is fully committed to maximizing plant profitability by identifying opportunities to reduce total life cycle costs and increase throughput. And while there are many components that are critical to a flow management system, our engineers recognize that no one piece of equipment operates in isolation. Each component plays a crucial role in the system in achieving optimal plant efficiency and availability. That’s why we take a systems-driven approach to ensure the most effective solution is recommended and implemented.

Technical and Business Assessments

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Flowserve technical assessments are guided by a five-step process. Operating and historical data analyses identify opportunities. Modeling and technology-aided tools pinpoint problems. Lifecycle cost calculations provide solutions, recommendations and economic justifications. All of this helps steer to the best course of action, utilizing equipment or system improvement solutions.

Flowserve business advisors are available to conduct Business Assessments to provide a more holistic view of an operation and its performance relative to key industry measures, in order to identify opportunities for improvement.